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How does Behind Her Eyes book compare to the Netflix show?

Sarah Pinborough wrote the best-selling novel

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Francesca Shillcock
Francesca ShillcockSenior Features Writer
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Behind Her Eyes on Netflix left many viewers perplexed with its eye-opening plot and THAT bonkers ending. The show has, as a result, become one of this year's most talked about series so far on the streaming platform, but did you know the thriller is based on a book?

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Sarah Pinborough is the writer behind the story of Adele, Louise and David as told in her novel of the same name. After watching all six episodes, many are wondering how the TV series and the book differ – and it turns out there are number of moments that the TV show missed out.

Although Sarah has explained that the Netflix show has been stayed "very close" to the original story, a number of moments were skipped – see what they are below...

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Adele was pregnant when Rob stole her body

In the show, we don't find out that Rob (Adele's friend from rehab) stole her body via astral projection until the end of the show when the truth comes out.

During this moment in the book, readers are given even more information about their individual circumstances which changed the course of the future. It's explained that when Rob projected into Adele's body, she was in fact pregnant, but upon learning this, Rob decides to abort the baby.

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behind her eyes rob© Photo: Netflix

The TV show has a few differences from the original book

There are more flashbacks to Adele and David's early relationship

Flashbacks to Adele and David's life are threaded throughout the six episodes giving viewers the backstory of their early relationship. In the book, however, more information about their early life is provided.

The book explains that David and Adele met as children and remained in each other's lives until they were old enough to date. It's also revealed that Adele's parents didn't approve of David due to his family troubles including debt.

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adele david© Photo: Netflix

There's more detail on Adele and David's early relationship in the novel

The scene involving David's former flame is far more sinister

One of the more tense scenes towards the end of the series involves a flashback of Adele visiting her husband's former flame, Marianne in Brighton. In the TV adaptation, Marianne tells Louise that Adele broke into her home and wrote an insult on the wall.

behind her eyes book© Photo: Netflix

Behind Her Eyes, by Sarah Pinborough, £7.03, Amazon

Marianne then calls out for her cat, Charlie, and for a moment viewers were convinced that Adele had harmed the pet. Despite this not being the case in the show, this is exactly what happened in the book. Adele poisons the animal and then ends up brutally killing him with a pair of heels.

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Are you a fan of the show?

The ending hints at Adam's future

The book includes a narration at the end from Rob (who, at this point, is in Louise's body) discussing the future of his new family. After stealing Louise's body and then going on to marry David and become 'new' mum to Adam, the novel hints that the young boy's life could be in danger.

"Adam's departure from my life will need to be somewhat more dramatic. It shouldn't be too difficult to arrange. Children are notoriously accident prone," the book reads. Poor Adam!

louise 2 behind eyes© Photo: Netflix

Simona Brown as Louise in the Netflix show

Louise's appearance is different in the book

Sarah has opened up about how Louise's physical appearance was different in the book, but how she preferred the TV version. "My Louise was a little bit overweight," she said. "Simona [Brown] is drop-dead gorgeous but what she's got well is Louise's ditziness and being a bit uncomfortable in [her own skin].

"And I think actually it's so much better they've cast someone who isn't dowdy and whatever, because when I wrote the book, I immediately went to women's normal insecurities [like] 'I want to lose weight', but actually that's a bit non-feminist these days and had I written it now, I would have given her more interesting insecurities." 

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