Midsomer Murders star admits he 'hates' one element of the new episode 

Are you looking forward to The Wolf Hunter of Little Worthing?

Midsomer Murders' new episode The Wolf Hunter of Little Worthy will be focusing on a camping trip gone horribly wrong (it ends in murder, if you hadn't already guessed), and Nick Hendrix has revealed that he is not a fan of the popular past time.

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Chatting to ITV, he explained: "To be honest I hate camping because, my mum would say, I am a bit precious. I think I was scarred by an early experience; I don’t know if anyone else had to do these but at school we had outward bound trips where you would go to the British countryside and have to camp and learn something about yourself when you were about 12. 

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"I remember going to Dartmoor and it was cold and wet and miserable and we had to put up these tents in a disused quarry and all I can remember is trying to get out of the tent in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, unzipping the tent and it was raining and dark and horrible and you try to get back in without bringing the weather in with you which is basically impossible… so my feeling towards camping is one of great distaste."

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He also chatted about the creepy-sounding episode, explaining: "There is a physical world we live in which is a world of glamping, essentially high-end camping and also the folklore tale of a Wolf Hunter - an urban myth. 

Are you looking forward to the new episode?

"The Wolf Hunter is an online invention that the community of Little Worthy invest in based around a gothic-inspired character that has the head of a wolf. And, as ever in Midsomer, some people invested in this scary character a little too much and people get murdered. So that’s the dark, gothic thread of it." 

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