Tommy Hunter: everything to know about Line of Duty character 

Here's our much-needed reminder about Tommy Hunter

Line of Duty. So much corruption, so much drama, so many characters with the surname 'H'. Following the final moments of season six episode four, which revealed that Jo Davidson's DNA is a match to an undisclosed blood relation, and our first question is, who on earth is she related to? 

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After wracking our brains, Tommy Hunter certainly looks like a good place to start. So could Jo be his daughter? Remind yourselves all about Tommy here... 

Tommy Hunter was the original leader of the OCG who groomed Matthew 'Dot' Cotton as a teenager while he worked as a golf caddy before joining the police on behalf of the OCG. He also has links to Ryan in season one, as Ryan originally worked for him as a juvenile delinquent. 

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In the season one conclusion, it is revealed that Tommy agreed to start working as an informant for the police to earn immunity from prosecution. However, while moving him in witness protection, he is involved in an ambush which is the main storyline of season two, which kills several police officers leaving Tommy in a critical condition and Lindsey Denton as the soul survivor when Tommy is later killed in the hospital. 

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Could Jo be related to Tommy? 

It is eventually revealed that Tommy was still carrying out his criminal organisation while in witness protection, and Lindsey arranges to have him kidnapped from their custody by his associates. However, Dot had already arranged to have him and the police travelling with him killed.

Who is Jo related to?

Should Jo be related to Tommy, it would well mean that she has had a family connection to the OCG for years - but with Tommy dead, why would she still be in the OCG's pocket? If she is indeed related to the criminal, we'll be looking forward to finding out in episode five! 

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