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Piers Morgan defends himself following outrage over Naomi Osaka comments

Naomi Osaka bowed out of the French Open after refusing to speak to the media 

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Piers Morgan has taken to Twitter to defend his latest column about Naomi Osaka after his comments, which included calling the tennis player an "arrogant spoiled brat" and the "sport’s most petulant little madam" sparked outraged. 

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Taking to Twitter to discuss Piers' comments about Naomi, who exited the French Open after refusing to speak to media over concerns for her mental health, one person wrote: "Piers Morgan never lets an opportunity to undermine a woman go to waste, does he?" 

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Another added: "Piers Morgan walked off his own show’s set after 90 seconds of gentle critique but can’t understand why Naomi Osaka withdrew from one tennis match after years of media ignited mental health struggles. Smh." 

A third person tweeted: "Piers Morgan couldn't handle being asked a question on his own TV show so I'm not sure he's best placed to comment on Naomi Osaka avoiding press." 

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Piers quit Good Morning Britain earlier this year

Replying to one person who wrote: "It really astounds me that you spend so much time attacking women of colour in the public eye. And you seem to be obsessed with Meghan. Paid to make baseless attacks for absolutely no good reason. I wonder if you’ll ever look back on this and experience shame," Piers replied: "Are high-profile women of colour exempt from criticism regardless of their conduct? Sorry, I must have missed that woke memo! 

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"The people I’ve criticised most harshly in the past year are Donald Trump & Boris Johnson and last time I checked, they were identifying as white men." He added: "What journalist will dare criticise Naomi Osaka ever again? She’s got what she wanted - no more criticism, only praise. Meanwhile all her fellow tennis professionals will continue to fulfil their contractual obligations to the media & get criticism when deserved. This seem fair?" 

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