Do the Love Island producers have it out for the boys this year or are they really that bad?

Things have been going off in the Love Island villa!

In the words of Love Island legend Maura Higgins, I actually give up, I’m gonna go mad. Sunday night’s teaser has left me figuratively throwing my plastic glass of wine in defeat. With Toby’s comedic antics, Liam’s ‘I won’t give up’ attitude and Jake’s role as a Shakespearian villain, has this been the most wild series so far? Let’s do a little recap. 

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Although the series started slow, with naysayers whinging that nothing could top the I was coming back here to tell you I loved you series of 2019, things got juicy when Toby jumped from Kaz to Chloe. Then, he continued to follow in the footsteps of Casanova Adam Collard by being swayed by Abigail. Then in Casa Amor, he cracked on with Mary - only to tell us that he is now entirely invested in Chloe (again). 

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That’s right, Toby has created a love SQUARE, and in doing so, we’ve never been so invested in a series of the ITV2 dating show. 

There’s something so refreshing when reality show contestants stop reminding themselves that the world is watching them and just roll with their true personalities. Toby is a player, and now that he has stopped pretending to be anything other, it is reality show gold.

Toby with 1/4 of love square, Abigail

It has also - somehow - completely won viewers over. Speaking about his antics on the teaser for Monday’s episode, one person wrote: “TOBY! I’ve never known a #LoveIsland contestant to be THIS confused! Noooooooooooooo where did they find this boy? Tomorrow’s episode is going to require us to watch with a notepad just so we can keep up with his thought processes,” while another added: “At this point I don’t even get angry at Toby, I find him hilarious.”

A third person added: “‘My head is with Chloe’ hahahahahha Toby I haven’t laughed that much in a while.” 

Toby with 1/4 of love square, Mary

When it gets to the point where the girls do not learn from what is front of their very eyes, you stop sympathising with them. While Abigail (probably) really believed she would have the public sympathy after being left single when Toby went to Casa Amor, in fact we were all wondering why on earth she would have thought he’d stay single, given the evidence. It’s like Toby has a new set of rules now from the rest of the boys, I only hope that his new menage a trois of ladies avoid his dodgy ways. 

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In the meantime, poor Millie Moo has done the only thing that she could in that situation, and has called things off permanently with Liam, the silly sausage. As much as you can tell that Liam bitterly regrets hanging out with Lillie in Casa Amor, it is also very clear that he was mainly sorry that he got caught. At the end of the day, he did do all of the stuff Lillie said he did, and no amount of playing it down is going to change that. 

Lillie wasn't going to the airport without a fight

It does seem that the producers have it out for him though. I mean, in the history of the show, have they ever let a dumped islander return for a brunch and a gossip session? As damning as the evidence is, Liam still somehow thinks that he’s in for a shot at reconciling with Millie. And who does he have to blame for this woefully incorrect stance? Enter Jake. 

I’m not saying that each and every boy in the villa isn’t responsible for his own actions, but Jake has been there the entire time, telling the guys to grab their opportunities, take chances, see if the grass is greener, all the while staying basically loyal to Liberty while - let’s be honest - giving her absolutely nothing. 

Jake has some explaining to do

His relationship with Lib is all, ‘Did you miss me? Do you love me? Aww do I make you nervous?’, but where is the reciprocation? The boy has his eyes on the £50k prize and needs to be taken down a peg or two. Could it be done during the headlines or Twitter challenge? We certainly hope so, because right now if Love Island was a Shakespeare tragedy, he is Iago to Liam’s Othello and it’s all very irritating to watch. 

Hurrah to a calm, well-adjusted couple

Speaking of producers stirring the drama pot, I want to finish by firing a confetti cannon to celebrate Teddy and Faye’s reconciliatory make out sesh. The misleading postcard could have broken them, but they both dealt with it like grown-ups, admitted their own misconceptions and wrongdoings, and made up. Are they going to be a shoe-in for the £50k prize? Of course, this leaves new and nice boy Sam without Faye, but we happen to know a very lovely Sagittarius who is very recently single. 

So as the show continues to go from dull to to reality television gold, and we can’t wait to see what pairings look like by the time of the next recoupling! 

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