Death in Paradise's Josephine Jobert drops hint on Florence and Neville romance

Fans are desperate to see the characters get together

Ever since series ten of Death in Paradise finished with that major cliffhanger between DS Florence Cassell and DI Neville Parker (dubbed Floville by viewers) – fans have been desperate to find out their fate when it comes to romance.

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And now, actress Josephine Jobert has teased the storyline between the two characters and has hinted that a relationship is a possibility. 

Posting on her Instagram stories, the star shared a message she had received from a fan which read: "Oooh maybe for a special WEDDING episode? FLOVILLE?!! Or is that too soon? Can you tell I'm rooting for those two to get together?!"

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Josephine then responded, seemingly shutting down a wedding, but not ruling out a relationship between the two characters altogether. She said: "Ahaha I love your imagination and enthusiasm. But, without spoiling anything, maybe a wedding would be a bit rushed, don't you think?"

Josephine's co-star Ralf Little, who plays Neville, has also opened up about the potential on-screen romance since the show wrapped.

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The on-screen romance was left on a major cliffhanger last season

Chatting to HELLO! magazine for an exclusive interview back in April, the actor opened up about where they pair could go next after the cliffhanger. The finale saw his character go to tell Florence how he really feels, only for the episode to end before it is revealed whether he actually had the courage to go through with telling her.

"I think it could go either way as Neville's come a long way, he's a much stronger person than he was when he arrived on the island," he said. "He might have the bottle to go through with it. But then again, you know, she's an intimidatingly charming and beautiful woman who he worked really closely with.

"I just wouldn't have a clue which way it's gonna go so I'm afraid, you're just gonna have to wait and see and if it's any consolation, I'm gonna have to wait and see as well! So I'm not holding anything back."

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