White Lotus: people are going crazy for new show - but what is it about? 

The show was written by the creator of School of Rock 

White Lotus is the latest show to become a smash hit in the US, and all episodes are currently available to watch in the UK on NOW and Sky. But what is the show about, and why has it made such a splash? Find out more about the series here… 

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The series, written by School of Rock creator Mike White (who also played the real Ned Schneebly), follows a group of wealthy tourists who visit an exclusive five-star retreat for a week, all of them carrying their own specific problems, alongside the staff who work there. However, you immediately learn that in a week’s time, one of them will end up dead. But who will it be? That is the mystery that will have you binge-watching the entire series in one sitting. 

Alexandra plays journalist Rachel

Speaking about the hit show, one person wrote: “Loving THE WHITE LOTUS...freaking hilarious...Murray Bartlett is great...and Jennifer Coolidge is a national treasure,” while another added: “I'm LOVING @whitelotus_hbo . Brilliant writing with super compelling characters.  #JenniferCoolidge is my hero. The music is incredible! Congrats #MikeWhite and the whole team on getting picked up for a season two.” 

So who stars in the hit show? The series has an all-star cast including Jennifer Coolidge as Tanya, a lonely solo traveller who is visited Hawaii to spread her mother’s ashes, Alexandra Daddario and Jake Lacey as Rachel and Shane, newlyweds who instantly run into marital problems after finding themselves in the wrong suite and Connie Britton as Nicole, a successful businesswoman staying in the hotel with her dysfunctional family. 

Season one is available on Now and Sky

Speaking about writing a satirical show based on class and wealth, Mike told the New Yorker: “I do think there are people that I draw from. Right now, there’s just a really comical thing going on in my bubble. I’m not from money. 

"But I know a lot of people now who have money, and everyone they know has money. They live in a bubble of money. They’re so defensive right now—the culture has them on their heels.”

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