Viewers emotional after watching Endeavour season eight for sweet reason 

This was such a lovely moment on the ITV show

Are you happy that Endeavour season eight is finally on our screens? After a long wait due to the pandemic, the show’s first episode finally premiered on Sunday night - and didn’t leave a dry eye in the house thanks to a particularly lovely moment between Fred Thursday and Endeavour Morse. 

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After solving the episode’s mystery, Endeavour and Fred are chatting about the case, when Fred said: “In the end, we all pick a team, or a team picks you.” Endeavour replied: “Not if you’re not good at sports. I was always the last to be chosen, neither side wanted me in the team.” Fred then replied: “I chose you,” and the pair exchanged a smile.

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Fans adored the sweet moment between to detective pair, with one writing: “I chose you. aw Fred... Good stuff, very moving, topical and gripping episode,” while another added: "Anyone else crying in a bath? #Endeavour #IChoseYou.” A third person added: “‘I chose you’ - what a wonderful closing line #Endeavour." 

Did you enjoy the episode?

Unfortunately, it looks like Fred and Endeavour’s friendship will go through some challenging times in the new episodes, as the latter’s copious drinking begins to affect his work. Chatting about their relationship, Shaun Evans told ITV: “Things have been slightly fractious between them.

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"Thursday was with Morse when Violetta died at the end of the last season. At the beginning of this series it’s more about concern. Thursday can cut him some slack but he sees that Morse is not turning in on time and when he is coming in he’s not presenting very well.”

We're so glad the show is back!

Roger Allam added: “Thursday says that after the events in Venice, Morse walks a step slower and is a bit less full of himself, which is not always a bad thing. But I don’t know how much he believes that. 

He is always defensive of Morse and perhaps tries to put to the back of his mind any concern, anxiety or worry about how he is. But, again, as the series progresses and Morse misses days at work it just becomes too much to ignore.” 

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