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Grantchester cast of 2021: find out who is starring in season six

Have you been enjoying Grantchester season six?

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Grantchester is a firm fan favourite, and it’s easy to see why with its stellar cast and amazing guest stars! So, who is starring in season six? Find out more about the cast here…

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Robson Green - Geordie Keating

Robson plays Geordie but is also well known for starring as Jimmy Powell in Casualty, as Tony Hill in Wire in the Blood and as Dave Tucker in Soldier Soldier. Of course, he is also one half of duo Robson and Jerome, alongside Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn.

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Speaking about season six, Robson told ITV: “This is the series where Geordie completely capitulates. We see Geordie’s past catch up with him and it creates something completely corrosive in the storyline for him. He was a prisoner of war during WWII and someone from his past arrives on the scene who he hasn’t seen since they were incarcerated together in a cell in Burma. I was given license to go down a pathway of complete destruction with this that I’d never done before in my career and the result is incredibly powerful.”

robson green

Tom Brittney - Will Davenport

Tom has previously starred in Make Me Famous, Genius and The Syndicate. He joined Grantchester in season three, taking over from James Norton as the village’s new vicar.

tom brittney

Speaking about the show, and where season six takes Will, he told ITV: “Will values liberalism, progressiveness and tolerance yet he has to examine the Church that he loves so much being the antithesis of all of these things, he can’t reconcile the situation that Leonard is in, whilst the Church claims itself to be an establishment that is built on love and forgiveness.”

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Al Weaver - Leonard Finch

Al previously starred in Sherlock, The Smoke and The Nativity before joining the Grantchester cast in 2014. Speaking about his character’s difficult journey in season six, which sees Leonard sentenced to prison for being gay, he told Good Morning Britain: “A lot of men were getting done for gross indecency and he gets six months, which is not too bad – not to say not too bad, but a lot of men were getting put away for over three years and things like that for being caught in public.

It was really shocking, it was really horrendous so poor Leonard, it’s not very good for him.”

al weaving

Shaun Dooley – Johnny Richards

Shaun appeared on the show as a guest star back in episode five, but we would love to see him come back! The actor, who is also known for starring in The Stranger and It’s a Sin plays Geordie’s old army pal Johnny, whose arrival causes tension between Geordie and Will.

shaun dooley

ITV’s synopsis of his character reads: “Johnny is a lawyer, representing the very people Geordie puts away. But the bond forged between them in a prison camp in Burma means Geordie is drawn to this morally grey character. Particularly when Will’s idealism starts looking like naivety, from a certain point of view.”

Kacey Ainsworth – Cathy Keating

Prior to Grantchester, Kacey was perhaps best known for starring as Little Mo in EastEnders and has also previously starred in A Touch of Frost and The Worst Witch. Kacey plays Geordie’s wife Cathy and opened up about the lovely news that the show has been running for six seasons now. She told ITV: You always hope that people will like it enough for it to run for a while, I had initially thought for some people three series is enough to get the story across.

grantcher kacey

"I think what has happened with Grantchester is that we started from the point of a very intense relationship between the police and the religious community, and it’s only grown from there. As the stories expand and the viewer learns more and delves deeper into other characters, there are only more stories to tell.”

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