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Angela Black fans convinced they've worked out major twist - and we think they might be right

Downton Abbey star Joanne Froggatt plays the titular character

angela black plot twist
Francesca Shillcock
Senior Features Writer
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Angela Black premiered its first episode last weekend and audiences were suitably impressed by the gripping storyline and cast. The thriller series, which sees Downton Abbey favourite Joanne Froggatt as the titular character, tells the story of a woman trapped in an abusive marriage who is trying to navigate her trauma while trying to break free.

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Episode one was packed with content and it seems that fans have already sussed out a potential upcoming twist. Some are convinced that mysterious stranger, Ed – who claims he was hired by Angela's husband, Olivier, to spy on her to aid his divorce proceedings but then began helping her – is in fact pulling off an almighty double bluff.

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One person summed up their very intriguing theory on Twitter, writing: "It's going to be a double bluff isn't it? The guy trying to 'help' her will be setting her up and gathering evidence that she's plotting to kill her husband... Maybe he'll kill him as revenge for something but she'll get the blame. Sorted."

A second fan echoed this thought process, adding: "I'm calling it now. Ed is double bluffing, getting photos of her handing him money. Giving the phone with loads of corrupt data. This is all a plan. She goes public about it, her husband is pre-emptive and she will look like a nutcase as he has an alibi for it all. #AngelaBlack."

Another said: "Ed is the husband of Yuki Okubo who Oliver had an affair with. Ed, not Oliver, killed her when he discovered the affair. He contacted Oliver & convinced him that Angela is planning to divorce him. Ed is manipulating Angela to kill Oliver in revenge for the affair #AngelaBlack." It's certainly possible!

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angela black new© Photo: ITV

Joanne Froggatt as Angela Black

The programme has been praised for highlighting the real and devastating effects of domestic violence. Joanne Froggatt also opened up about her part in the show, admitting that she enjoys playing characters that can be a "challenge."

Speaking to HELLO! and other press prior to episode one, she said: "I am drawn to those roles because they're incredible stories and incredibly challenging as an actor. To be offered the opportunity to show great emotional range and really get into the psychology of a character, is what you do it for.

"I've done lots of other sorts of roles as well, but those are the sorts of roles that stand out in people's memories because they're the most affecting, so I don't sort of seek them out but when they come my way and they're really well written I can't say no."

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