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The Wheel of Time star gives away huge season one spoiler ahead of series release

The actor revealed a major scene

the wheel of time cast
Nicky Morris
TV and film writer
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The Wheel of Time star Daniel Henney has given away a major spoiler about the first series of the show, which is due to release on Friday 19 November. 

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The actor, who plays Lan Mandragoran in the big-budget Amazon Prime series, revealed that his character goes to battle in a significant event in the novel series. 

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Speaking to HELLO! at the show’s London premiere, Daniel disclosed the spoiler while chatting about a highlight from filming. He said: "I would have to say slicing up, like, 15 Trollocs on my Winternight battle because I practised that fight for over a month, thank God they gave me the time to, and it was something that scared me because I’ve done a lot of action but I didn’t know if I could pull it off and it went well."

Daniel also explained how he filmed battle scenes for the epic fantasy series, revealing that the Trollocs, a humanoid creature with both animal and human features, were played by real actors. He said: "So all the creatures were real, they stuck men in costumes and then augmented with SGI which is great. So, I get to fight real trolls and I get to fight real eight-foot beasts."

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"When you’re using green screen it’s a lot different in terms of how you have to move around the green screen, these real creatures just made everything a bit more real and easier for me," he added.

wheel of time lan moraine© Amazon Prime

Daniel Henney plays Lan in the upcoming Amazon Prime series

While chatting to HELLO! on the red carpet, Daniel revealed that the show’s creators made some changes from the original novel series, but hopes fans will be pleased with the outcome. He said: "I think they can expect a lot about what they love from the books to be in our show. We know there’s going to be changes because the books are 800 to thousands of pages long, it’s a lot to try to compress into an adaptation so there’s going to be changes made but we hope they can see the essence in the show and in each character, that’s very important for us."

For those who have yet to learn about Amazon Prime’s epic new show, The Wheel of Time is a fantasy television series that is based on Robert Jordan’s popular novel series. The show follows Moraine, a member of an incredibly powerful all-female organisation, as she takes a group of five young people on a journey around the world, believing one of them might be the reincarnation of the Dragon, a powerful individual prophesied to either save the world or destroy it. 

Rosamund Pike stars in the show along with Daniel Henney, Josha Stradowski, Zoë Robins, Marcus Rutherford and Madeleine Madden.

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