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Doctor Who: fans think they have worked out major plot twist

A timeless child, you say…

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Doctor Who has been at the top of its game in its latest series, in which the Doctor must uncover why the universe is being wiped out by 'the Flux'. During the new six-part season, the Doctor and her friends came across Vinder, a soldier who is trying to make his way back to find his pregnant partner, Bel. Vinder and Bel's storyline is the main subplot for the series – and fans think they have worked out why. Potential spoilers ahead!

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Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: "Chibnall... Have you... Have you done it again?" with a series of screenshots revealing that the definition of 'Bel' in Babylonian religion is actually a title meaning 'lord' or 'master', adding: "I'm calling it right now: Bel and Vinder are the Master's Parents."

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However, other fans replied with suggestions that the theory may run deeper than that, with Bel and Vinder actually being the Doctor's parents, Bel being the Master, or even Vinder being an incarnation of the Doctor. Since the Doctor was revealed to be the Timeless Child, and the 'Flux' means that time and space are moving differently than usual, could Bel's unborn child actually be the Doctor herself?

doctor who vinder

Could Vinder be a version of the Doctor?

Fans had mixed reactions to the theory, with one writing: " Listen... Bel is the Master and is the Doctor's mother. The Master and the Doctor are mother and daughter." Another added: "Not sure what would be worse. Bel and Vinder being the Doc's parents.

"Or Bel being the Master, Vinder being a pre Hartnel Doc and the pair of them having a kid somewhere. Perhaps what's worse is I wouldn't rule out either for being too stupid for Chibs to do."

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A third person added: "So long as Bel and Vinder aren't revealed to be the Doctor's biological parents, I'm good. (But I reckon the theory in this tweet has a good chance of being true - or Bel IS the Master and her baby monitor is actually a fob watch)."

doctor who bel

Who is the 'real' Bel?

Another fan wasn't convinced, tweeting: "I could probably find a thousand examples of characters names meaning something seemingly important in Dr Who history, but I guess we’re at the clutching at straws stage of fan theory." What do you think?

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