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Bridgerton season 3: why Benedict’s story delay makes sense 

Warning, spoilers ahead for Bridgerton book three, An Offer from a Gentleman

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Bridgerton bosses have confirmed that season three will centre on the love story of Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington. Although this should be good news for fans (who doesn’t want to see our Lady Whistledown have her happily ever after with her childhood crush?), fans have been less than impressed by the news - and it is all down to Benedict Bridgerton…  

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While Colin Bridgerton’s love life is explored in the fourth novel of the popular series, Romancing Mr Bridgerton, book three, An Offer from a Gentleman, focuses on Benedict finding love with Sophie Beckett - and it is a solid fan favourite. 

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As such, fans have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment that the series is seemingly skipping Benedict’s beloved tale, with one person writing: "Sophie Beckett and Benedict Bridgerton deserve better than this clown of a show that doesn’t know how to do anything properly tbh. 

Another added: "Basically Bridgerton will ruin Benedict’s character, we will never get a Benophie season let alone Sophie Beckett casting ….. this is the worst day I had all year I can't believe they ruined everything I loved about Bridgerton I’m out of here." 

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Season three is set to focus on Penelope and Colin

However, others think that delaying Benedict’s story to season four actually makes a lot of sense, and we’re inclined to agree. For those who have yet to read the novels, Benedict meets the love of his life - Sophie Beckett - at a Masquerade Ball. Sophie is the illegitimate daughter of an Earl, and was forced to live as a servant by her stepmother following his death. However, the servants arrange for Sophie to spend one special night out, where she and Benedict meet and fall in love. 

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Benedict's story is likely to take place in season four instead

However, Sophie is forced to cut the evening short to get home before her stepmother and stepsisters. She is eventually forced out of her living situation - travelling away from the ton to find work as a servant away from where her stepmother might be able to find her. As such, she and Benedict don’t reunite for years after their initial meeting, but remain infatuated with one another - with Benedict even refusing to settle for anyone else over his memories of the girl he fell in love with at the ball. 

bridgerton gentleman

An Offer from a Gentleman by Julia Quinn, Amazon 


Since Colin and Penelope’s relationship is likely to take place directly after the events of season two, it seems unsurprising that we will have longer to wait for Benedict and Sophie’s romance as the show might have to jump ahead in time - and therefore need to tie up other storylines - such as Colin and Penelope. 

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Although in the books, Colin and Penelope unite after he spends years travelling the world, meaning that Benedict and Sophie's story has already taken place by the time of their romance, the TV show has already changed the pair’s circumstances and brought their story forward by having Colin already return from his travels. The show has already appeared to set up Colin and Penelope’s romance in season two, after Colin states that he will never wed Penelope - only for her to be devastated when she overhears. 

bridgerton benedict

Benedict meets Sophie at a Masquerade Ball

This is where Benedict and Sophie’s storyline may come in. As the show has demonstrated with Penelope and Colin and, indeed, with Anthony and Kate, it uses the previous season to set up a potential romance before launching into it - and so we think this could well mean that Benedict and Sophie get their first meeting in season three as their full tale is told by season four. 

Several fans have had the same idea, with one writing: "Wait a god damn minute….WHAT IF they introduce Sophie in s3 and s3 is benedict looking for her but we don't properly meet her and discover her identity until s4..CUZ I LOVE THAT," while another added: "Hear me out !!!

penelope featherington

Are you excited for season three?

Introduce Sophie in ep 1 of s3 Bridgerton most likely the masquerade ball, have Benedict look for her ALL season and have his moment, and then in the last episode we get introduced to a new girl and Benedict sees her and immediately knows it’s her!!!" 

A third person joked: "At least Benedict & Sophie’s season will look even better now since they’re not going directly after Kathony you gotta play the long game sometimes." 

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