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Severance: the biggest questions we have for season two 

Did you enjoy season one of the mysterious drama? 

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Severance season one was nominated for an impressive five Emmy nominations - and we have to admit that the show kept us absolutely hooked! While viewers adored the finale, the Apple TV show has certainly left us with plenty of questions - so without further ado, here are the things we still desperately need to know - and bring on season two!

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Did Devon and Rickin understand Inny Mark’s final words?

During 'Inny' Mark’s final desperate moments before Dylan is intercepted and 'Outy' Mark resumes control of his mind, Mark spots a photograph of himself with his supposedly deceased wife, Gemma, and realises that not only is she definitely not dead, he knows her from Lumon. Racing to his sister, his final words of 'she’s alive!' are left on a huge cliffhanger. Did Devon and Rikin understand who he meant without any context, and what will they do about it?

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Why was Gemma’s death faked? 

The biggest question of the show has to be that of Mark and his wife Gemma. While we - and Mark - are led to believe that she died in a car crash, Gemma has actually been working as a part-time counsellor named Ms Casey the entire time. So why did Mark's mysterious company Lumon split the two apart? Why did they make it look like Gemma was dead to the world? And will Mark and Gemma ever remember each other? So many questions!

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How will the innies be punished for breaking the rules? 

Assuming that poor Helly’s 'Outy' will stick her right back into the Lumon office, the chances are that her Inny will be punished for trying to destroy Lumon. Since Irvine also didn’t learn too much about himself on the outside, and Dylan never left the office, it seems like they are in danger of returning too. The only person who has a chance at avoiding his fate at Lumon is Mark - but will he be able to save the others from the outside? 

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How will Helly’s last remarks affect Lumon?

Helly said some very affecting remarks to the potential Lumon investors, but did her remarks hit home, or is the severance treatment still on track for being as popular as ever? 

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What is macrodata refinement? 

The numbers that fill the workers with a sense of fear has remained a mystery following the season one finale, despite the constant speculation from the main four to work out exactly what it is they are filing. So why are the numbers so fearsome? What does it all MEAN? 

Will Burt recognise Irvine? 

There have been some hints in the series that both Innys and Outys might share their subconsciousness, so what’re the chances that Burt might open the door and instinctively know Irvine? We might just be in denial because we want them to be together, but we don’t want the sweet couple to be over!

burt irvine

What happened to Regabhi? 

The plotline that involved Regabhi, the former Lumon employee who reintegrated Petey, seemed to fall to the side after she told Mark to run after murdering Lumon’s head of security - but we know it’s not over. Regabhi has a lot of information she’s sitting on, and it looks like Mark might be ready to hear it come season two. 

Why was Mrs Cobel infiltrating Mark’s personal life? 

There are many mysteries about Harmony Cobel that we still need answers to. She is seen ruining her shrine to Keir Egene, which includes medical equipment belonging to a 'Charlotte'. It is also revealed that the Lumon company had no idea that Harmony was watching Mark on the outside, so it seems that she has a personal connection with him. So what is her deal? 

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What was with the goats? 

Are we ever going to find out what on earth the room of baby goats is doing in the Lumon underground maze? 

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