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Who is Ann Gallagher in Happy Valley? 

Find out more about the actress who plays Ann… 

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Happy Valley is all anyone can talk about at the moment, with everything from the plot to the incredible cast being widely praised by viewers. One key character in the show is Ann Gallagher, who is played by actress Charlie Murphy. Find out more about Charlie, and Ann’s history on the show here… 

What is Ann Gallagher’s story in Happy Valley? 

Ann is the only daughter of a local millionaire, Nevison Gallagher, and his wife Helen. A university graduate, she is unsure what she is going to do next with her life, which causes tension with her dad. Ann is then a victim of kidnap after one of Nevison’s disgruntled employees arranges to have her held hostage in order for Nevison to give £500,000 for her release. During her time in captivity, she is assaulted by Tommy Lee Royce, who plans to murder her before she is found and rescued by Catherine.

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In season two, Ann has decided to join the police and is determined to become a detective one day. She eventually works out that John Wandsworth could be the man being blackmailed by a murder victim, Vicky Fleming. She faces a knockback when she is stood up by John earlier in the series and confides in her feelings about it to Catherine’s son, Daniel. 

charlie murphy ann© Photo: BBC

Ann is played by Charlie Murphy

In season three, Ann is now in a relationship with Daniel, and the pair have just moved to a new home together. She has finally risen through the ranks to become a detective but is shaken badly by the revelation that Ryan has been visiting Tommy in prison - as well as a shocking case at work. 

Who is Ann Gallagher actress Charlie Murphy?

Ann, 34, is an Irish actress who has starred in shows including Peaky Blinders, Love/Hate, The Capture and more. She has previously collaborated with Sally Wainwright on another project, playing Anne Bronte in the 2016 mini-series To Walk Invisible. She is the recipient of four Irish Film and Television Awards for her roles in Happy Valley, Peaky Blinders and Love/Hate.

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ann in police station© Photo: BBC

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Is Charlie Murphy in a relationship? 

Charlie is currently in a relationship with British director Sam Yates, who has directed several TV, film and theatre productions, most recently The Two Character Play by Tennessee Williams back in 2021. 

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