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Outlander season 7 episode one recap: what are the men playing at?!

Warning, spoilers for Outlander season 7 episode one ahead…

Brianna and Roger in Outlander
Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Outlander season seven has finally returned to our screens, with episode one focusing on the most important thing in all of our lives; keeping Claire safe and sound with her husband, Jamie Fraser! Join us as we chat all things good and bad about the premiere - and warning, spoilers ahead… 

In the new episode, Jamie endeavours to find Claire (blood of his blood, bone of his bone), and races to Wilmington where Claire is doing a fair job of saving herself, having proved herself to be a worthy healer. While Jamie attempts to barter (unsuccessfully) for Claire’s freedom, it is Tom Christie who steps up with the ultimate sacrifice - but Jamie’s response was a little odd. See our Outlander Insider chat all about it here… 

Tom declared that he had killed his daughter (or niece, as it turns out), which would have been quite noble if he hadn’t waxed lyrically about how Malva and her mother had both been witches. We know that Tom has come a long way - and much of it is thanks to his love for Claire - so we understand that his viewpoint isn’t one that is going to change quickly, but we also remember the scenes of him beating Malva in season six. Are we supposed to be endeared to this man? 

Jamie Fraser in Outlander season 7© Robert Wilson
Jamie Fraser in Outlander season 7

Not to mention, Tom’s sacrifice is accepted all too quickly by Jamie, despite his claims that Claire will have the protection of his body etc etc, before telling Claire that he would have owned up to the crime himself if it meant saving her from the gallows. Which is all well and good except that he didn’t confess to it… and any point… Talk about claiming credit!

Roger travelled to be ordained as a minister© Screen Grab
Roger travelled to be ordained as a minister

Our hero then nipped Claire’s enemies in the bud by having Young Ian kill Richard Brown’s men before finishing off Richard himself. We know that Richard was determined to see Claire dead for the part he believed she played in his brother’s death, but for goodness sake, we’re just murdering people for no good reason in Wilmington now are we? Jamie is actually a serial killer at this point! 

Tom Christie sacrificed himself for Claire© Robert Wilson
Tom Christie sacrificed himself for Claire

Then there’s flipping Roger. While in training to become a minister for real, he comes across Wendigo Donner, a time traveller who was present where Claire was kidnapped, attacked and sexually assaulted in the horrific season five storyline. Although Jamie and his men killed every member of the gang available - whether they had participated in Claire’s abuse or not (see above RE serial killer) - Wendigo was nowhere to be found.

John Bell as Young Ian in Outlander
John Bell as Young Ian in Outlander

It turns out that he had been arrested for attempting to steal a gem to get home, and Roger was keen to help him out - to Brianna’s unsurprising disapproval. After all, what do you say to your hubby who wants to break the law to help someone who watched your mum’s abuse and did nothing to escape from prison? The fact that Roger embellishes his point by revealing that he also turned a blind eye when he was on the crew of her OWN ATTACKER Stephen Bonnet in order to survive was a toe-curling moment, and we have to admire Brianna’s restraint for walking away from the situation. What do you think?

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