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Virgin River star Colin Lawrence worries fans as he reveals 'last scene' with beloved co-star in behind-the-scenes video

The actor plays Preacher in the beloved Netflix show

Colin Lawrence in Virgin River
Nicky Morris
Nicky MorrisTV and film writer
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Virgin River star Colin Lawrence left fans a little worried after sharing a behind-the-scenes video from filming his "last scene" with his co-star Kandyse McClure in season five.

Taking to Instagram, the actor, who plays Preacher in the popular Netflix series, shared a throwback clip from the set of season five, which saw Kandyse join as a newcomer Kaia Bryant, who strikes up a romance with Preacher. 

WATCH: Virgin River star Colin Lawrence worries fans as he reveals 'last scene' with beloved co-star in behind-the-scenes video

Addressing fans, Colin said: "Hey y'all, it's me again. This is season five, Virgin River and this would be the last scene of Virgin River with Preacher and the lovely Kandyse McClure."

Appearing in the frame, Kandyse said: "That's it, awh."

Colin added: "You're going to love what you see and you're going to love her even more."

Colin Lawrence as Preacher, Kandyse McClure as Kaia in Virgin River© Netflix
Colin Lawrence as Preacher and Kandyse McClure as Kaia in Virgin River

Fans were left a little concerned that Colin is leaving the show, with one person writing: "No, you can't do that to me. Virgin River is not Virgin River without you... you are not allowed to leave the series...why do you want to leave the series?" while another remarked: "I know you have to stay on, you're a big part of the show."

A third person questioned: "Wait, why is it the 'last' scene???? Are they not end game???" while another commented: "U have to stay Preacher, you're too sweet."

Colin Lawrence as Preacher, Kandyse McClure as Kaia© Netflix
Preacher finds himself in hot water at the end of season 5 part 1

One fan questioned whether Colin's character would be going to jail following his involvement in the cover-up of Paige's husband's murder in season two. "Are you going to jail?" they asked. 

Despite fans' concerns, Colin was most likely referencing his last season five scene rather than his final scene on the show. While there's no reason to suspect he's leaving the drama, executive producer Patrick Sean Smith previously said fans should be worried for Preacher in part two.

In a recent interview with Glamour, Patrick, who joined as the new showrunner for season five, admitted that writers are often keen to "take your most beloved characters and put them in danger".

Could Preacher and Paige rekindle their romance?© Netflix
Paige accidentally killed her husband in season two

Part one ended on a dramatic note after Kaia told Preacher that a body had been found in the woods and that her team would be investigating.

Fans will remember that back in season two, Preacher's ex-girlfriend Paige accidentally killed her abusive husband Wes, and asked the barman to help her bury the body. 

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When asked if fans should be concerned for Preacher in the upcoming festive episodes, Patrick said: "I would be worried. He's a beloved character. You always want to take your most beloved characters and put them in danger."

Colin Lawrence as Preacher in Virgin River© COURTESY OF NETFLIX
Fans should be worried for Preacher in part 2

He continued: "He's such an honorable man, and it was always a loose end from before that we were like, 'Is it worth going back to it?' When we were coming up with the character of Kaia and getting a sense of what their dynamic would be and who she was and what could affect them, it would have to be something big."

Patrick also teased a conclusion to the storyline. "We will get resolution as far as what this means for Preacher and get a sense of how complicated this will be for his relationship with Kaia," he explained.

Season five part two arrives on Netflix on November 30.

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