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7 questions we need answering in Virgin River season five part two

Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson recently returned to Netflix

Zibby Allen as Brie and Colin Lawrence as Preacher
Francesca Shillcock
Francesca ShillcockSenior TV & Film Writer
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Virgin River season five landed earlier this month and we're already in need of more episodes. Fortunately, rather than waiting another two years for more of our favourite small-town residents, the Netflix drama is releasing two very special episodes at the end of November to mark the holiday season.

Following the dramatic final episode of season five – and you can read our explainer here – we have plenty of questions that need answering. 

WATCH: The official trailer for Virgin River season five part two

While we don't yet know whether we'll get all of our answers in the new episodes, we're hoping to get some plot points ironed out.

Here are seven questions we need an answer to in Virgin River Part Two…

Will Mel have another baby?

Fans were devastated when Mel lost her baby midway during season five. Jack initially was keen to try again but Mel was – understandably – reluctant to go through the trauma again. However, at the end of season five, the on-screen couple, played by Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson, decided they were going to buy land and build their own home and "fill it with kids."

This makes us think that they will endeavour to start a family one way or another, but it's likely we won't see this happen until season six.

Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel Monroe, Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan in Virgin River© Netflix
Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel Monroe, Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan in Virgin River

Who is Mel's dad?

The final episode of season five saw Mel find out from her sister that their mother might have been having an affair with a man who lived in Virgin River. This put Mel on a mission to find out about her real father – but who will it be?

The trailer for part two even sees Mel say, "I think we found my dad." Here's hoping that they don't leave us on a cliffhanger.

Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel Monroe, Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan in Virgin River© Netflix
Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel Monroe, Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan in Virgin River

Are Brie and Brady back together?

The trailer certainly had us thinking this could be a possibility! They were spotted gazing adoringly at each other while under some mistletoe. Although Brie did enjoy a brief romance with Mike, we can't help but think she'll follow her heart and stay with Brady. We can't wait to find out.

Zibby Allen as Brie and Benjamin Hollingsworth as Brady© Netflix
Zibby Allen as Brie and Benjamin Hollingsworth as Brady

Are Cameron and Muriel the real deal?

After getting Doc's blessing, Muriel and Cameron went on their very first official date at the funfair in the final episode. But will they go the distance? Or will work come between them? They seem pretty smitten, so we can see good things in their future.

7 shows to watch after Virgin River

Kate and Tully sit together at end of season two in Firefly Lane
Sarah Chalk and Katherine Heigl in Firefly Lane

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The lives and loves of best friends Tully and Kate from their teens to their 40s.

2. Sweet Magnolias

Three lifelong friends juggle relationships, family and careers in a small US town.

3. Chesapeake Shores

Abby returns to her hometown, Chesapeake Shores, after receiving a panicked phone call.

4. Ginny & Georgia 

Free-spirited Georgia and her two kids, Ginny and Austin, seek a fresh start.

5. Northern Rescue

Rescue commander John West moves town after a heartbreaking loss and begins life again.

6. Maid

Based on real events, a single mother turns to housecleaning to make ends meet.

7. From Scratch

Also based on real events, Amy travels to Italy where she finds love and contends with loss.

What is going to happen with Lizzie and Denny?

Lizzie told Denny that she's pregnant and in the trailer for part two she expresses her concern to Hope about whether she'll make a good mum. But some are thinking that Lizzie and Denny's parenting journey may not go completely to plan.

Denny and Lizzie at town fair in Virgin River
Denny and Lizzie in Virgin River

We know that the couple had plans to travel, and Denny even wanted to go back to college to finish studying. As one fan wrote on X: "I bet Mel and Jack will adopt Lizzie and Denny's baby." We're intrigued by that theory!

What will happen to Preacher?

Preacher looked seriously concerned when his new girlfriend, Kaia, received a phone call from her boss being told that authorities had found a body in the woods – which happens to close to where he and Paige buried the body of Paige's abusive husband, Wes, after he fell down the stairs.

Colin Lawrence as Preacher, Kandyse McClure as Kaia in Virgin River© Netflix
Colin Lawrence as Preacher, Kandyse McClure as Kaia in Virgin River

If the body turns out to be Wes, Preacher could find himself in a lot of trouble. And with Paige now out of the picture after deciding to leave Virgin River – will he take the fall?

Will Doc's eyesight be cured?

Doc told Hope that he was going ahead with the clinical trials in order to try and cure his eyesight condition. But will it work? We know that the risks involved and possible side effects can lead to complete sight loss, which makes us seriously worried about our favourite medic. But will the clinical trials work? We can only hope! 

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