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The Tourist: Jamie Dornan reveals detail that made him 'so angry' in season 2

Jamie Dornan opened up about a plot point he found particularly annoying in season two - details

Jamie is back as Elliot Stanley
Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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The Tourist star Jamie Dornan has opened up about returning as Elliot Stanley for season two of the hit BBC drama and revealed what made him “angry” when reading the new scripts for the upcoming episode.

During a Q&A for the new show, released on New Year’s Day, Jamie opened up about his reaction to a particular trait that the viewers learned about Elliot.

WATCH: Jamie Dornan returns as Elliot Stanley - watch it here

According to his mother, who is discussing him with Helen following his disappearance, Elliot loved to dance as a child and was concert-level skilled.

Speaking to HELLO! about whether audiences would be seeing him try his hand at dancing at some point in season two, The Fall actor said: “The ballet? I was pretty angry when I saw any reference to dance in the script! I don’t know how to answer you… wouldn’t it be great? You’ll just have to keep watching and you’ll see.”

Jamie is back as Elliot Stanley© Bernard Walsh
The show is this time set in Ireland

There were plenty of changes for Jamie in the series, who also kicks off season one with a huge beard that he sported while travelling with his now-girlfriend, Helen. Speaking about sporting the facial hair, Jamie explained that it was indeed fake, telling HELLO! and other reporters: “It’s a fake beard. I would have loved the opportunity to grow a beard as epic as that but I came off the back of two movies where I was continuously clean shaven… It was a nightmare, that weird. I hated that beard.”

Jamie Dornan sported a large beard© Steffan Hill
Jamie opened up about the beard

Chatting about a deleted scene, he continued: “At one point there was more attention on what I was eating when were in that scene at the cafe. There was a whole gag about sandwiches in there which I really liked but it didn’t make it in. The whole thing was that food was getting caught in the beard - but that was my reality! When everyone went to lunch I’d just have the lunch stuck in the beard, it was a nightmare.”

Jamie Dornan as Elliot Stanley © Steffan Hill
Season 2 is set in Ireland

The new series follows Elliot and Helen as they travel to Ireland after Helen reveals a letter from an old friend named Tommy, which might hold clues about Elliot’s identity after he lost all of his memories in a car crash at the beginning of season one.

Are you looking forward to season 2?© Steffan Hill,Bernard Walsh,Steffan Hill,Photographer:,James Pierce
Are you enjoying season 2 so far?

However, the letter was actually from a family who want revenge on Elliot, and who abduct him for as-of-yet-unknown reasons, leading Helen to work with an unusual member of the Garda, Detective Ruairi Slater. 

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