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The Traitors season two: who has been banished or murdered so far?

Can't keep up with who is in the show, who has left, who is a Faithful or who is a Traitor? We've got you covered

Will Diane get to the end of The Traitors?
Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
Updated: January 19, 2024
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The Traitors season two is finally here, and we couldn’t be more excited to meet the new group of contestants who will be accusing one another of traitorous behaviour. So, shall we say hello to the 22 people who will be playing for the £120,000 cash prize in the Scottish Highlands? Meet them here… 

Andrew, 45, Traitor (recruited)© Mark Mainz

Andrew, 45, Traitor (recruited)


Andrew looks seriously no-nonsense, but will this help him in the game? The Welshman opened up about applying for the show, saying: "I’ve got a larger-than-life personality, and a lot of people say to me “Once seen, never forgotten.”  I'm a big guy and I obviously have my scars, so I think people look at me and think I'm quite intimidating until I smile and start talking to people." 

Andrew also has something of an inspiring story after he was pronounced dead following a car accident 23 years ago. He was in a coma for five weeks, and was described by doctors as a "miracle patient". Incredible! 

He explained: "I met the man who saved my life last year. I met him and I shook his hand and said thank you for saving my life. There are not many people out there who get a chance to see somebody who saved their life and say thank you. It was a very emotional thing." 

Anthony, 45, Faithful© Mark Mainz

Anthony, 45, Faithful


Birmingham-based Anthony is all about thinking ahead and game plans as a chess coach! Speaking about the game, he said: "I have a loose game plan, a very loose game plan. The key to the game plan is flexibility because things are going to be forever changing, every day is a brand-new day. 

"You might have a plan that you’ve got to throw right out of the window. The ability to adapt accordingly is going to be key because we don’t know what we’re up against. There will be 21 other personalities in there that you have to work with. Something that Wilfred said that stuck with me was that he never actually initiated anything about another player, he just jumped on the bandwagon and did little things at the right time. That means as far as I'm concerned, as soon as my eyes are open – it's game time!" 

Ash, 45, Traitor© Mark Mainz

Ash, 45, Traitor


For Ash, winning The Traitors means a better life in her home of London. She said: "This is my home, I'm never going anywhere, I’m never moving out of Walthamstow. This would literally be my only chance to get on to that property ladder. 

"I don't have what a lot of people have, I don't have family to fall back on, I don't have anybody to give me anything. I don't have anything to inherit. I don't want to be renting when I'm 60 years old, renting with housemates... although that would still be kind of fun. I’d also like to help my mum sort out her house out." 

Aubrey, 67, Faithful© Mark Mainz

Aubrey, 67, Faithful


Aubrey certainly makes an impression from the moment you see him on the show! Speaking about applying, he said: "When I watched it last year, I thought to myself: I could do that. That was it. Then I think Claudia had announced that applications were open and before I knew it, I was on the link. 

"I’d never ever dreamt in a million years that I'd be where I am now. So that was it really, no other reason. Oh and, to speak the truth, the location is beautiful, that castle is fantastic, and why not at 66?" 

Brian in The Traitors season two© Mark Mainz

Brian, 33, Faithful


It sounds like Glaswegian Brian would really like to be a traitor! He said: "I'd love it because I would then be more in control of my fate. It would mean that I'd be on the show for longer, which would then mean I'm in with a better chance of genuinely having the full experience – there's more chance of getting to the final. 

"Although I do think that there's more chance of winning if you're a Faithful, but if I get the touch on the shoulder, I'd be absolutely buzzing. I really would be." Will he get his wish? 

Charlie, 34, Faithful© Mark Mainz

Charlie, 34, Faithful


Bristolian Charlie thinks she knows how to spot a liar. She said: "Good, I think. It's the hesitation, the instant hesitation, how long have you taken to answer? Where's your eye contact? Even just if there's lots of people in a room, where are you looking? I’ll be constantly looking at things like that." 

She added: "I think this game is serious. Like I said, initially, it was a little bit of fun and just to have a laugh but when you look at the potential prize money, that's life changing stuff." 

Charlotte, 32, Faithful© Mark Mainz

Charlotte, 32, Faithful


Charlotte has a game plan! She said: "Yes, just act like you don’t know what's going on and that you're a bit silly, just play dumb. 

"Honestly, the best thing about women who do well in business or play poker tournaments when you're the only one around the table, is that you’re underestimated. Underestimated people are the ones that do the best. We all love an underdog, don’t we?"

Diane was poisoned by rose© Mark Mainz

Diane, 63, Faithful


Diane is set to prove her kids wrong! She said: "Mainly because my children said I could never do something like this! We started watching series one together and l just loved the idea of the challenge. I thought it would be great to have a go and see if I could do it." Diane has been crystal clear that she does not want to be a Traitor. However, she has opened up about how she would avoid being detected if chosen, saying: "Not hugely, I think I would blush. 

"I thought that last series the most obvious tell was their eye contact, but having said that, I thought Wilfred’s eye contact was horrendous and he kept his head down which I thought would’ve given him away, especially when he betrayed Alyssa. So, I'd have to ensure my eye contact is not suspicious." 

Will Evie have something up her sleeve?© Mark Mainz

Evie, 29, Faithful


Evie’s favourite contestant of last year was Wilf, and said said: "I thought Wilfred was great! I know he got a lot of hate for backstabbing his fellow Traitors but I thought he was just brilliant. He got it right in terms of understanding why you are there and understanding the premise of the game and ultimately, that you’re not there to make pals, although you probably are going to make friends, you’re there to potentially win £120,000. 

"He was outstanding and I wanted Wilf to get it. I thought he was fab. I also really liked Meryl, she was so funny and just got through being clueless of who the Traitors were even right until the very end!" 

Harry also voted for Ash at the roundtable© Mark Mainz

Harry, 22, Traitor


Harry has made it crystal clear that he would very much like to be a traitor! He said: "I want to be a Traitor so bad! I know everyone says it, but I’ve always said I feel like I’ve got a Jekyll and Hyde in me where Monday to Friday I’m a Corporal and as soon as it hits Friday, I’m just Harry and I don’t want to think about work for the weekend. 

"I also have five brothers and sisters so I can tell little white lies and I make myself believe them first and then it just becomes the truth." 

Jasmine, 26, Faithful© Mark Mainz

Jasmine, 26, Faithful


London-based Jasmine describes herself as a "professional truth embezzler", saying: "I also think that ultimately, I have the personality to do well. I’m very personable, and people tend to want to befriend me a lot which is how you get people on side. It’s a game of making allies, isn't it? You don’t want people to vote you out." 

Jaz, 30, Faithful© Mark Mainz

Jaz, 30, Faithful


Jaz opened up about taking part in the game, saying that she prepares to do what it takes to win. She said: "The thing is everyone wants the money, for all sorts of different reasons, so that’s just going to cloud my vision if I start to get emotionally involved in everyone’s story and then I’m going to be torn between all the other players. But for me, I want to go all the way. The last man standing." 

Jonny, 31, Faithful© Mark Mainz

Jonny, 31, Faithful


Jonny is ready for The Traitors - so much so that he’s even watched the Dutch version of the hit series! He said: "It’s my cup of tea, I love that sort of thing. I did a lot of research on the show and also looked at the Dutch version to try and figure it out a little bit. 

"I’m lacking in those sorts of adventures and that sort of mindset from being in the Army, there’s an excitement to it. It’s about getting myself out there, I’ve got two young kids, and it would be nice to make them proud as well." 

Kyra, 21, Faithful© Mark Mainz

Kyra, 21, Faithful


Speaking about what she would bring to the group, Kyra said: "I'll bring something that a lot of people won't have seen before, which is someone very young who’s outspoken and not afraid to speak their mind or stand up for themselves. I also like to push my boundaries. I’m successful at my job and I have the ability to be articulate and socialise with other people, so I think I’ll be good in the game." 

Meg, 22, Faithful© Mark Mainz

Meg, 22, Faithful


Meg doesn’t have a game plan - but it makes sense! "To be honest, I’m just going to wing it when I get there because I feel like you can’t really plan," she said. "I know Amanda didn’t really have a strategy either, she just winged it. So, I feel like I admire that because that’s probably what I’m going to do. I know a few people were making notes and writing things down at night, so I might try that." 

Miles, 36, Traitor© Mark Mainz

Miles, 36, Traitor


Speaking about applying for the show, Miles said: "Basically, I’ve done everything that I feel like is the cookie cutter thing to do, you know? I went to school, went to college, got my qualifications, found my husband, and had a family. I just thought I’d done everything so “correct”. When I saw the show, I thought it was quite clever, quite different. 

"It was nicely done. I like that the show has normal people. There are going to be times when you’re going to have beef with people because we’ll get so involved in the roles that we’re playing. It’s just that, I'm playing a role. As long as my nearest and dearest know that then that’ll make me feel a bit better – it's not real life." 

Mollie reached the final of The Traitors© Mark Mainz

Mollie, 21, Faithful


Mollie will be bringing energy to the game! She said: "I think maybe a bit more excitement around it all, I’m super excitable anyway and looking forward to the missions and stuff. I love adventure, so I feel like I can throw myself into those. Hopefully, just a 

Speaking about the prize money, she added: "I’d love to go travelling in the future, so I'd feel more relaxed about that if I won because at my age, you kind of has to choose between getting your place, moving out, travelling but then having nothing to come back to. It would be so nice to have that and go and live my dream of travelling and come back and still be secure enough to put a deposit down on a house, that would be amazing." 

Why does Wilf think Paul messed up?© Mark Mainz

Paul, 36, Traitor


Paul wants to be a Traitor, but will he get his wish? He joked: "Well, if Claudia touches my shoulder, I'm never washing that top again. I hope that happens because the more I think about what the show is, it is about the real Traitors, right? 

"To participate in the show fully is to be a Traitor I think. It’s great to be a Faithful and find the Traitors but I want to be the one that people are trying to find. I would just try to be, calm, normal and just like me. If it happens, I'd be buzzing." 

He added: "It’s easy for me to say this because I've not been there but I think I'd do anything, whatever it takes. I'd even say swear down and not even mean it." 

Ross, 28, Traitor (recruited)© Mark Mainz

Ross, 28, Traitor (recruited)


Ross, however, isn’t keen to be a Traitor at all! He said: "I think I’d be a bit gutted because then I’ve got to play a game. I feel like it would put me on edge a bit and I might not be able to fully be myself. 

"If I’m probing, I can have a bit of fun with that but if I’m having to lie to people, it sets me on edge a bit. But, you know, at the same time it’s a game and I’ve done it before in Among Us, this is a bit of a bigger scale, but I could do it again!" 

Sonja, 66, Faithful© Mark Mainz

Sonja, 66, Faithful


Sonja joked that she is all about knitting her way to success! She said: "Yes, I have a game plan. My game plan is to knit my way to the finals. I'm an avid knitter. What I hope to do genuinely is knit while I'm thinking. Also, you can knit recycled fishing nets and recycled plastic bottles, so it's great for the environment. I actually want to teach some of the other tortured souls how to do a bit of knitting while we're there too." 

Sonja’s son Dan died two years ago, who was "severely disabled with autism and other disabilities, and was nonverbal". She said: "Dan died at the age of 41. So, I spent 41 years understanding nonverbal hints and cues from Dan. I think those three things and my knitting hopefully, will take me to the final… Dan was so very brave. He had so many headwinds, but he was just fearless in everything he tried. I said to myself that I need to do something completely fearless, at least once a year. This is my first one... so who knows where it will go?" 

She added that she would like to start a charity with the prize money, saying: "Bringing the knitting of recycled materials to young people in difficult situations. It would be fantastic to have Tom Daley and Harry Styles as charity ambassadors too, both lovers of knitwear and excellent role models. I would also like to take my sister on a cruise." 

Tracey, 58, Faithful© Mark Mainz

Tracey, 58, Faithful


Tracey is a Clairvoyant and thinks that she can easily spot a liar. She said: "When I was a young spring chicken, I was so gullible. I would just take in what anyone said to me at face value. 

"But now I'm older, I feel like I genuinely can spot people a lot more for what they are, and I use my gut instinct a lot as well. Sometimes I will just get a feeling that something isn't quite right, and I can tell by their eyes too. That’s how I'd be able to tell with the kids. So, I think I would be quite good a spotting a liar. I’ve got very good instincts."

Zack, 27, Faithful© Mark Mainz

Zack, 27, Faithful


Speaking about the game, Zack said: "If I’m a Faithful I think I’ll bring a lot, I think I’ll bring a lot more than being a Traitor. I’ve got a massive mouth so I can’t keep anything a secret. If I am a Faithful I’ll bring my perception, I’ll bring an understanding of what people are thinking and lies they might be weaving without them realising it because of my career. 

"I ultimately find out what MPs are thinking so I feel like I could do it with the average person who hasn’t undergone that scrutiny or the media training before. I feel like I’ll bring that area of expertise to the show and hopefully, the Faithful team. I’m pushing to be a Faithful and now they might say 'Sorry mate, you’re a Traitor!’" 

Series 2 episode schedule and how to watch 

Series two kicks off on Wednesday 3 January on BBC One at 9pm. After this, the first three episodes will be available to stream on BBC iPlayer. 

There are 12 episodes in total, with three instalments airing each week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.