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Call the Midwife's Helen George teases 'hard-hitting' scenes for Trixie and Matthew at end of series 13

The couple are headed for "a few bumps" in their relationship

Helen George as Nurse Trixie Franklin and Olly Rix as Matthew Aylward
Nicky Morris
TV and film writer
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Call the Midwife star Helen George has teased "hard-hitting" moments for newlywed couple Trixie and Matthew in scenes that will air towards the end of series 13. During an appearance on The One Show on Monday, the actress revealed that the characters are in or "a few bumps" over the course of the new season. 

Find out exactly what Helen said in the video below. 

WATCH: Helen George talks filming ‘hard-hitting’ scenes for Matthew and Trixie

When asked by host Alex Jones what it's been like filming scenes with her co-star Olly Rix as Trixie and Matthew face troubles in their marriage, Helen said: "Hard because they've just got married and you think, 'Gosh, it's so happy and he's rich and she gets all these posh clothes and it's great'. There's a few bumps along the way but it's fun as well."

Giving an idea of how the season might end for Trixie and Matthew, the 39-year-old went on: "There are hard-hitting scenes, especially towards the end of the series but it turns into a kitchen sink drama by the end of it. Some of the scenes that were filmed were so real, like any real couple at home today. They were great to play."

Helen George as Trixie Aylward and Olly Rix as Matthew Alyward in Call the Midwife© Neal Street Productions/Olly Coutrney
Helen George teased 'hard-hitting' scenes in series 13

Trixie and Matthew haven't had an easy time of it following their fairytale wedding in season 12. In the latest instalment of the period drama, the couple had a spat after the pair clashed over Trixie's roles as a wife and a midwife.

While Trixie was in the middle of delivering a baby, she received an urgent call from Matthew, who expressed his anxieties over his business. "I had the most tiresome meeting about investment and things not going to plan," he said. "The business, it's so stressful. I have the most dreadful headache, and Jonty won't stop crying for you."

Annoyed that Matthew had called her at work, Trixie told him: "I can't believe you called me out for this when I'm on duty," to which he suggested she consider her "other responsibilities" as a wife.

Helen George as Trixie Aylward in Call the Midwife© Neal Street Productions/Olly Courtney
Helen teased "a few bumps" for Trixie and Matthew

After hanging up the phone, Trixie oversaw trainee midwife Joyce's handling of the afterbirth. Clearly preoccupied with her argument with Matthew, Trixie dismissed Joyce's concerns over the placenta and it was later revealed that part of the organ had remained in the patient, causing excessive bleeding. 

Joyce ended up reporting the incident to Sister Julienne, prompting Trixie to take all responsibility for the error, which she said was "unprofessional and unforgivable".

As a result of her mistake, the midwife decided it would be best for her to spend three nights a week at Nonnatus House to prioritise her work.

Matthew and Trixie on their wedding day in Call The Midwife© Laurence Cendrowicz
Trixie and Matthew tied the knot in season 12

Matthew wasn't overly pleased when he heard the news and asked Trixie if she was "a wife or a midwife". When she asked if she could be both, things ended on a sour note. "Only you can answer that," said Matthew, before walking away. 

What will the future hold for Matthew and Trixie? Creator and writer Heidi Thomas gave an idea of what to expect ahead of series 13. 

Trixie Aylward (HELEN GEORGE), Matthew Aylward (OLLY RIX) in Call the Midwife © Neal Street Productions/Nicky Johnston
Trixie and Matthew face 'severe financial challenges'

"They embark upon the journey of marriage and the next chapter of their lives in a way that takes a bit of an unexpected and dramatically rich turn," she revealed. "They suffer severe financial challenge which is not something they were expecting and it both deepens their relationship and challenges it."

Season 13 of Call the Midwife airs on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Sunday evenings at 8pm. All episodes are available on BBC iPlayer.

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