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The unusual facial hair removal method that might prevent anti-ageing...

February 16, 2015
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Facial shaving is the latest beauty trend to sweep the nation's female population, however recent research has revealed that it has more benefits than you might think. New reports show that facial shaving is not just a way to get rid of hair – beauty experts have said this particular beauty ritual could also have anti-ageing benefits.

This is because, with the right tools, shaving your face can help to exfoliate the skin and sweep away the top layer of skin cells, leaving behind a healthier and smoother complexion which in turn can form a great make-up base.

face shaving

Facial shaving can have anti-ageing benefits according to beauty experts

"A fuzz free face makes for an easier make-up application," reveals celebrity beautician Nathalie Eleni for beauty brand Braun. "Smooth skin ensures foundation won't sit in your hairs."

"Hairs around the upper lip and chin can create a dark shadow," she added. "Which can be unflattering and by removing these, not only will skin feel smoother to the touch, you will feel more confident too."

However, for those less keen to take to the blade, Braun have created the Braun Face, an alternative way to maintain that flawless finish of smooth skin.

braun face

Braun Face is an alternative for those who don't want to use a blade

The world's first 2-in-1 beauty device combines both facial epilation and cleansing to help you keep a healthy complexion, and can remove hairs 4 times shorter than wax for up to four weeks of hair-free skin.

"Braun Face is ideal for gentle hair removal as it removes hair from the root rather than cutting it at the surface and as a result, hairs will grow back more tapered and fine, so will feel softer to the touch," says Nathalie.

Braun Face, £69.99 will be available from Boots. For more information head to

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