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Beauty Receipts: What facial aesthetics practitioner Nina Bal’s monthly beauty routine looks like

Discover her most-loved products for skin, hair and makeup

dr nina beauty receipts
Arianna Chatzidakis
Arianna ChatzidakisCreative Content Director
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Welcome to Beauty Receipts, where we ask interesting women to give us a glimpse into their beauty routines, from what they save and splurge on, to their top makeup and skincare tips. Intrigued? Read on to discover the products that make the cut for Facial Aesthetics Practitioner and Cosmetic Dental Surgeon, Dr Nina Bal. 

Dr Nina’s skincare routine

“I am religiously obsessed with all my medical grade skincare, and I have a nine-step routine for AM and PM. I do this every morning and evening as it provides me with a moment of self-care."

“I love the AlumierMD Purifying Gel Cleanser, £34.50, it's a sulphate-free facial wash featuring coconut surfactants that gives smooth and clean-feeling skin, with none of the tightness. I always recommend a double cleanse for hydrated and supple feeling skin. I also love the AlumierMD Bright & Clear, £46.50, which exfoliates the dead skin cells that can clog pores, revealing brighter and smoother skin.

“And with this, an SPF that you use and genuinely love is key. And what goes hand in hand with a good SPF is a medical grade vitamin C – I love the EverActive C&E + Peptide from AlumierMD, £173.50, as it is developed in such a way that it is non irritating to the skin and it is a potent multi-functioning serum that minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst enhancing hydration.

For SPF I recommend a powerful broad-spectrum sunscreen which is essential to providing protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. The AlumierMD SPF range, from £43.50, offers tinted and untinted coverage at SPF levels of 40+. What I love about this range as that as a medical-grade brand, each sunscreen also includes other active ingredients like Vitamin C & E which hydrate and brighten whilst protecting the skin. I love a hard-working hybrid!

“Having experienced a sudden onset of melasma in my mid-twenties due to sun exposure and hormones, it really highlighted the importance of daily application and reapplication of SPF every day of the year – non-negotiable! After six to twelve months my melasma was 90% improved and now it is just a case of maintaining the care of it. So I also apply SPF on the backs of my hands to reduce age spots and premature aging of this thin/delicate skin."

Total spend: £298

Dr Nina’s aesthetic treatment routine

“I have two main treatments aside from injectables that I am really loving and seeing fantastic results from. The first is Endolift, from £3500 – as the name suggests, it is a skin treatment where the aim is the tighten the skin to give a subtle lift while also reducing some areas of stubborn fat. 

Dr Nina Bal
Dr Nina Bal is passionate about enhancing inner beauty through subtle aesthetic tweaks and high-quality products

“The second is the Lutronic MD Ultra, £500 – a true lunchtime laser treatment that is customizable and accessible for every skin type. This is a newer treatment to my clinic and patients are loving the results, especially those with chronic inflammation or melasma who previously could not undergo any laser treatment. 

"Finally, skin booster bio-stimulating treatments such as Profhilo and Polynucleotides (Ameela Eyes) are my number one treatment combination that I recommend as a potent anti-aging duo. They help with skin dehydration, and help to prevent laxity, reduce fine lines, eyes bags and darkness under the eyes."

Total spend: £4000

Dr Nina’s makeup routine

“Day-to-day in clinic, I don't wear makeup as I like to have a fresh face after a long 12 hour shift. But when I do wear makeup, I keep it very natural, using a touch of Charlotte Tilbury Concealer, £17.55 where needed, Hourglass Mascara, £30, Laura Mercier Brown Eye Liner, £26, and a very nude lipstick shade (or whichever one I can find!)."

“When having my makeup done professionally, I opt for a smoky eye as it opens up my eyes and compliments my eye shape.”

Total spend: £73.55

Dr Nina Bal’s total beauty spend: £4,371.55