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I tried the TiKTok viral brow product everyone is talking about – and now I can't live without it

TikTok beauty gurus are hailing this brow product as the GOAT – here's my full review  

I tried the viral TikTok brow product Byellie
Francesca Shillcock
Francesca ShillcockSenior Features Writer
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Anyone who knows me knows I am very passionate about my brows and, having worked on beauty counters and brow bars in a past life, I like to think I know a good product when I see one. The market is saturated and almost every brand promises to give you the perfect brows whether it's a pencil, gel or pomade, so it takes a really good one to grab my attention.

The beauty gurus on TikTok tell me that there's one product that has cut through the noise and it's being labelled "the GOAT" of the brow game. So, is it any good? Spoiler alert: yes. But here's my honest review on why…

I'm obsessed with the Byellie Brow Texture
I'm obsessed with the Byellie Brow Texture

What is the Byellie Brow Texture?

After being sent the Byellie 'Brow Texture' and giving it a go for myself, I realised it's essentially like a brow mascara that holds your brows in place. You can use it on its own or as a finishing touch once you've created shape and added colour.

My brows are naturally quite full but, like everyone, I do get the odd gap when I get a bit trigger-happy with the tweezers, so my normal routine is filling in with my humble brow pencil. But I like to finish with a product that fluffs them up and makes them stay put.

As I pulled out the wand for the first time and applied it, the product was white, and I was immediately reminded of the double-ended mascaras of my teen years (remember them? One end for the primer and the other mascara?). 

Not exactly fond memories, but don't be alarmed, the product dries completely clear. Plus, being able to see how much product you've applied is handy.

Byellie Brow Texture
Byellie Brow Texture

It's also really buildable, so if you want more of a 'slick' look then apply away. Equally, it's great for just brushing through gently to keep any pesky flyaways in check.

Why is the Brow Texture so good and would I buy it?

Yes! After the 'Brow Texture' had dried, my brows did not budge all day and night. I mean it. They didn't move. It's like a hairspray for your brows and I was truly impressed. It's so easy to use, does the job and, frankly, that's enough for me to be a big fan.

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Not only that but with a price point of £13.99, it's far cheaper than premium products on the market so your bank balance will thank you. It's economical as well. I've been using one tube since the end of November and I don't see it running out anytime soon, and I wear it most days.

I love how fluffy and texture the Byellie brow product makes my brow, while holding them in place for hours
I love how fluffy and textured the Byellie brow product makes my brows, while holding them in place for hours

What else is there to know about Byellie?

If you're familiar with Byellie, you'll likely know that their selling point is that their products offer a 'laminated brow' effect at a fraction of the cost. Their hero product, Byellie 'Brow Shape', does this in spades.

The 'Brow Shape' is a pot of gel that you dip your brow brush into before applying it to brows. It gives a full-on slicked-down finish, making it look like you've stepped out of the salon fresh from a brow lamination.

Photo showing Byellie Brow Shape plus two brow brushes© Byellie
Byellie Brow Shape

Beauty lovers who are big fans of this look are more than impressed by this product – and it does exactly what it says it does. However, for me, a laminated effect wouldn't be my desired brow style.

I personally prefer a more natural, fluffy and textured brow, but one that is still going to hold its shape. And for that reason, the 'Brow Texture' will remain a staple in my makeup bag.

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