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Inside the 2024 Hollywood Beauty Awards where Joey King and Olivia Rodrigo's teams picked up awards

The annual ceremony honors those behind the scenes of Hollywood

Inside the 2024 Hollywood Beauty Awards where Joey King and Olivia Rodrigo's teams picked up awards
Rebecca Lewis
Rebecca Lewis - Los Angeles
ReporterLos Angeles
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Beyonce, Florence Pugh, Bradley Cooper, Margot Robbie Hollywood's A-listers always look incredible but that's all thanks to a team around them of hair stylists, make-up artists, photographers and groomers, who had their chance to shine on Sunday March 3 at the Hollywood Beauty Awards. 

Joey King's make-up artist, Allan Avendaño, won the DM Make-Up Awards, while Saweetie and Keke Palmer's make-up artist Kenya Alexis won the CR Make Up Awar. Davontae Washington, who works with Kim Kardashian and Niecy Nash won the CF Hairstyling Award, and Dalvin Adams won The MK Photography Award as Olivia Rodrigo's hairstylist Clayton Hawkins won the The JLM Hairstyling Award. 

Allan Avendaño and Joey King© Alllan Avendaño
Allan Avendaño and Joey King have worked together for years

But it was Bryon Javar, picking up The MB Styling Award, who got the biggest standing ovation of the night, as the 35-year-old – who has worked with Abbott Elementary's Quinta Brunson and Chris Perfetti, as well as Victoria Monet – thanked himself, revealing that he had managed his business for over 15 years because agents would not sign a Black man before joking: "But to the agents in the room, I would love an agent!" 

On the red carpet, two-time Oscar winner Mark Bridges who was honored with the Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design award, praised Bradley Cooper, whom he worked with on Netflix's Maestro, revealing that the actor-director had such trust in his crew that he often "relied" on Mark to guide him through areas he was unsure on. 

Carey Mulligan as Felicia Montealegre and Bradley Cooper as Leonard Bernstein in Maestro© Jason McDonald/Netflix
Carey Mulligan as Felicia Montealegre and Bradley Cooper as Leonard Bernstein in Maestro
Mark Bridges attends the 2024 Hollywood Beauty Awards© Monica Schipper
Mark Bridges attends the 2024 Hollywood Beauty Awards

"Bradley and I have worked together on Silver Linings Playbook, we've worked together on Licorice Pizza, so we knew each other but there's always a pressure to serve the piece and to make sure I can fulfill the director's vision," Mark told HELLO! 

"But because we had worked together as actor-and-designer before, there was a trust there, and because he had quite a full plate I think he relied on me to guide him through this a little bit and there was a trust there and a great back and forth." 

Fantasia Barrino dancing in The Color Purple© Warner Bros
Fantasia Barrino on The Color Purple

Emmy-nominated Carol Rasheed, who worked on 2023's The Color Purple with Oprah Winfrey, spoke of her joy at getting to play with color and glamor as the reimagined version by director Blitz Bazawule features imaginative daydream sequences with lead character Celie, while Oppenheimer's Hair Department head Jaime Leigh McIntosh shared how working with Christopher Nolan had taught her to be more choosy in her projects moving forward. 

"Chris is very collaborative, he's just so good to work with because he has such respect for our craft and how we can help his story be told so that was pretty amazing," Jaime said. 

cillian murphy as oppenheimer© Instagram/Universal
Cillian Murphy stars in Oscar-nominated Oppenheimer

"He's very back and forth – he's hiring your professional opinion so he wants to know how he can get what he needs to get from what you're working with, and it's amazing when you're working on a film like that – and with the cast as well.  "From the very first meeting with the cast member, costume is there, makeup's there, hair is there, the prop master is there, and we all get to have a chat about their character and the ideas, so nobody is missing out on any of the conversation.  

"I think it has taught me that I really want to work with true filmmakers who have a very clear vision. It makes it incredibly enjoyable."

Carol Rasheed attends the 2024 Hollywood Beauty Awards © Monica Schipper
Carol Rasheed attends the 2024 Hollywood Beauty Awards

Unlike most awards shows, the HBAs – which took place at the Avalon in Hollywood, lasted less than two hours, and featured a three-course meal of caesar salad, chicken and salmon, and crumble, along with Sensi red wines, Brancott white wines, and Fiji water.

Many of the nominees and honorees HELLO! spoke to shared how nervous they were, so used to being behind the ropes with their brushes at the ready, rather than standing in front of the cameras, but this was their moment, and Donald Mowat, who was honored with the Outstanding Achievement in Make-Up Award and introduced by Dune star Dave Bautista, gave an almost ten-minute long speech that had organizers attempting to play music to encourage him to wrap things up to poor effect as he made the most of it.

And why not – the crew so rarely get their opportunity to shine (remember when the Oscars thought it was a good idea to cut five below-the-line categories from the telecast?) and he used the opportunity to not only thank his collaborators, friends and family, but also to share how the crews need each other's support amid rumors that their guilds may soon strike, following the WGA and SAG strikes on 2023; "It's time for us to do our thing"

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