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The cheapest item in our beauty editor's collection is £2.25 - find out what it is

HELLO!'s Beauty Collective share the cheapest and most expensive items in their stash

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Melanie Macleod
Wellness Editor
June 18, 2024
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We never discriminate against a beauty buy based on the price. Just because something is cheap doesn’t mean it’s not brilliant, and equally, a high pricetag doesn’t always mean a superior product.

Proving our point, this week we reveal the cheapest and most expensive product we’re currently using (and loving!), from £450 to a mere £2.25.

Kate Lockett, HELLO! Health and Beauty Editor

Kate Lockett
Kate Lockett

Cheapest: Primark My Perfect Colour Liquid Concealer, £2.50

"A recent addition to my makeup bag and now one I cannot live without, I present to you the Primark Liquid Concealer. 

"I bought this in a panic and it has transformed my base forevermore, the shade-matching moment was magical and the list of hardworking ingredients including caffeine and hydrating vitamin E, all for £2.50, means this is nothing short of a staple for me. 

"Delivering spot-on (no pun intended) coverage that banishes my blemishes, scars and darkening panda eyes with a smooth, flawless finish AND doesn’t start to slide off in the afternoon - I simply cannot recommend this enough."

Most expensive: Eighth Day Intensive Moisturiser, £150

"I have been lucky enough to try the height of luxury beauty products in my job. I will never forget the £400 Guerlain Orchidée Imperiale cream. However, few skincare products that I have tried and tested have delivered instantaneous results like the Eighth Day Intensive Moisturiser. 

"I know it is at the higher end price range but this peptide-packed cream is SO much more than a moisturiser. When I say glowing, I mean applying this lightweight cream makes my face glow like when you receive a text from your favourite person. Applying it feels like an act of self-care, rather than a skincare step. 

"I am quite picky when it comes to the smell of my skincare, especially on my face, but this fresh, uplifting citrus fragrance brightens my mood as well as my face. And a little goes a long way, one pump can cover your whole face, as you hear your bank account sighing with relief. The brand was founded by a dermatological surgeon and wound healing expert, so you know your skin is in good hands."

Lydia Mormen, Junior Beauty Writer

Lydia Mormen
Lydia Mormen

Cheapest: Estrid Razor, £7.95

"I put off getting an Estrid razor for months, thinking they were just overhyped on social media but after trying one for myself I now purchase the heads for mine regularly. 

"I think the quality of the razor and the blades makes it a real bargain compared to some other more expensive razors I've tried and it takes little to no effort to get a super smooth shave. "

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Most expensive: Guerlain Neroli Outrenoir, £295

"I have tried a lot of fragrances as part of my job as a beauty journalist and I can honestly say to smell delightful you really don’t need to spend anywhere near £300, however, after smelling this scent from Guerlian I was hooked and it became one of my absolute favourites - I might even be tempted to save the tiny bit I have left for my wedding day, which trust me, is a long way off. 

"It's an absolute delight to wear and unlike some of the other more pricey scents, it's not one you’ll keep noticing other people wearing. It's an unusual blend of neroli and black tea, which opens with a citrusy floral freshness but dries down into a creamy, warm musk that adds a sensual element. 

"Unlike some more affordable scents this really does get better and better throughout the day and lasts long enough to really enjoy. If you’re looking for an extra special scent for an occasion, this might be it."

Donna Francis, HELLO! Beauty Expert

Donna Francis
Donna Francis

Most Expensive: Omnilux Contour Face Mask, £348

"Investing in beauty gadgets isn't something I often recommend, but when LED technology first came onto the beauty scene a few years ago, I was struck by the evidence of the claims behind it and I was convinced that we should all make LED part of our routine. 

"However, as much as the masks promised smoother, brighter, glowier skin I found a lot of the at-home devices cumbersome, heavy and uncomfortable. And so a waste of money. Until I was sent the Omnilux Contour Face Mask to test. Not only is it lightweight and flexible, which makes it easy and comfortable to wear, it also uses medical-grade LED which gives similar results to in-clinic LED facial treatments. And with no pain, side effects, or downtime.

"It's mostly helped with my pigmentation but my skin is 100% glowier now this is in my routine and it's definitely worth the investment."

Cheapest: ELF Skin Bronzing Drops, £12

"Withoug a doubt, the best product that I've introduced to my beauty routine this year. It just so happens that they are cheap. That’s just a bonus. Mix them with your moisturiser for an instant natural glow. I would definitely pay at least double the price if I needed to."

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Melanie Macleod, Wellness Editor

Melanie Macleod
Melanie Macleod

Cheapest: L’oreal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Restoring Shampoo, £2.25

"This is by far the most budget item in my bathroom, and yet, I use it daily. It smells nice, keeps my tangle-prone hair feeling strong, and allows me to go longer in between haircuts because it reinforces split ends. 

"I switch my shampoos a lot, because I normally get through a bottle or two a month, and can confirm this makes my hair super soft, whether I’m wearing it in its naturally curly state, or straightening it."

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Most expensive: 111SKIN Celestial Black Diamond Emulsion, £450

"I must admit, I had no idea quite how much the 111 Skin Black Diamond Emulsion cost until I started writing this piece - and I immediately wished I’d been more sparing with it, rather than applying it with abandon each morning.

"The price, which literally made me yelp a couple of minutes ago, is backed up by the stellar ingredients list, and the years of research by 111 Skin’s founder, Dr. Yannis Alexandrides. The ingredients lineup includes liquorice root to target pigmentation, hyaluronic acid for hydratian and centella asiatica to soothe and rejuvenate the skin.

"The formula us ulta-lightweight - almost liquid - and sinks in immediately, making it a good base if I want to wear makeup, plus it smells comforting and my skin feels cocooned. I’ve only been using this for a few weeks, so can’t comment on the claims that it reduces the appearance of lines, but it certainly does calm any redness, and minimises marks left behind when I have breakouts.

"On top of that, I have my Botox and filler at 111 Skin’s clinic, so wholeheartedly trust them with everything when it comes to my skin, so it makes sense to use their skincare line to keep my complexion in good shape between visits."


Who are HELLO!'s Beauty Collective?

HELLO!'s Beauty Collective is a team of beauty and wellness experts, of different ages, skin tones and hair types, who have joined forces to bring you the best in skincare, makeup and haircare - with honest, trustworthy reviews of the latest launches and cult products.

Meet the Beauty Collective...

Donna Francis is one of HELLO!'s Contributing Editors, with a seriously impressive background as a beauty editor. You can find her talking all things menopause skincare on her Instagram @thebeautyed

Melanie Macleod is HELLO!'s Wellness Editor. When she's not testing the latest weird and wonderful wellbeing treatments, she dabbles in all things beauty, following five years as a beauty editor.

Beatriz Colon is our stateside beauty expert. Based in New York, we rely on her to uncover all the latest launches over the pond - and let us know what's worth the shipping fees!

Kate Lockett is HELLO!'s Assistant Beauty and Lifestyle Editor. Away from writing about the latest health trends, she enjoys getting the lowdown from celebrities about their beauty regimes and wellbeing must-haves.

Lydia Mormen is HELLO!'s Junior Beauty Writer. As well as being a self-confessed lipstick hoarder, she’s also partial to a spa day (or two!). Her favourite things include overpriced coffee, mascaras that won’t budge and discovering new wellbeing trends. 

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