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I have ridiculously sensitive skin & here's why bareMinerals' 'instant' beauty serums are on my radar

The clean beauty brand has a trio of new serums - here’s how to know which one’s for you

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Karen Silas
Senior Lifestyle Editor
May 20, 2024
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I’ve been using clean beauty pioneer bareMinerals since before clean beauty was even a thing - about 20 years in fact. Since I’ve always had very sensitive skin, prone to redness,  breakouts and eczema, I was drawn to the innovative brand back in the day because of its promise of gentle mineral makeup and wow, did it come through.

So I was definitely intrigued to discover that the clean beauty brand, which only uses cruelty-free, vegan formulas, has done it again with a line of clean serums. The new Skin Rescue Pure Potent Serums, which are clinically proven, based on an independent study, to instantly improve your skin - and without irritation!

The trio of serums - the anti-wrinkle Niacinamide-infused Pure Smooth, skin-brightening Pure Glow, with 10% Vitamin C Complex for radiance, and hydrating Pure Moisture enriched with plant algae for supple skin – are multi-taskers designed to work both in the short and long term. 

Not only have they been formulated to immediately help repair, treat and nourish your skin, but they also aim to help improve the overall condition of your skin, with results in just about a week. And the best part is that they’ve all been tested and proven effective on sensitive skin.

So here's why the serums are now on my wish list: the new formulas are backed with over a decade of research and are designed to use pure ingredients - and as few as possible - to get the best results for your skin. And there are specific formulas, all designed for sensitive skin, to target three major concerns, so you can choose the one which best suits your skin type.

But are you wondering which one is right for you? Well, I've broken it down so you can easily choose...

The Wrinkle-Buster

bareminerals pure smooth serum.

BareMinerals Skin Rescue Pure Smooth Serum

Are wrinkles your primary concern? You’ll want to try Pure Smooth, a line an wrinkle corrector which fights signs of aging.

  • Key ingredients: 5% Niacinamide and Chebula
  • Shoppers say: "I'm 55, and like those of us blessed to reach a certain age, I'm facing new skin concerns - dryness, fine lines, dullness, redness, and dark spots. After a week of usage, I see a definite improvement in my skin's appearance."

The Glow-Booster

bareminerals pure glow serum

BareMinerals Skin Rescue Pure Glow Serum with 10% Vitamin C Complex and Rainbow Seaweed

Is your skin dull and you need some radiance? Pure Glow is the formula for you.

  • Key ingredients: 10% Vitamin C Complex and Rainbow Seaweed
  • Shoppers say: "Nice Vitamin C glow and discoloration improvement! I was skeptical cause I've tested so many brightening serums & products with little benefit. However, I have been pleasantly surprised with the Skin Rescue Pure Glow Serum and am only about 11 days in to testing this... I had a nice huge cheek zit to rid, and with my pale easily discolored skin prone to hyperpigmentation, a zit usually always leaves a lingering dark spot that takes forever to reverse. This product truly is working, it's magic and I'm grateful!"

The Skin-Soother

bareminerals pure moisture

For dry skin that needs TLC: BareMinerals Skin Rescue Pure Moisture

Suffering with dry, flaky skin that needs some gentle TLC? Pure Moisture will come to the rescue. 

  • Key ingredients: 1% PGA and Plant Algae
  • Shoppers say: "The skin rescue serum is amazing! It's so moisturizing, my skin loves it, and feels so smooth."

It’s pretty incredible that I've been a fan of this brand for a couple of decades, and bareMinerals has evolved right along with me (and some of my fellow HELLO! Editors, who are also longtime fans) with innovative makeup and skincare solutions. 

Having started with the Loose Powder, I now wear the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer daily - it is hands-down the one of the best tinted moisturizers, with SPF 30, that I’ve found on the market today. 

And now it has proven that the innovation never stops with a clean beauty serum for every skin type.

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