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The Door W4 is a luxurious experience

I tried Profhilo for the first time - and this is my honest review

I went to The Door W4 in Chiswick for the treatment…

Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
May 22, 2024
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When I first signed up to visit the luxurious aesthetic and wellbeing treatment clinic at The Door W4 for my very first facial treatment, it was actually to try out their micro needling service. Approaching my 33rd birthday, I’d watched as the first of my friends tried out treatments for their skin, from botox to polynucleotides - and they’d all had a great experience. That being said, I’d remained cautious about trying it myself. What if something went wrong? What if it made me look less like myself? Was ageing gracefully without resorting to these treatments really so terrible? 

However, with our chitchats falling more on skincare, I felt that the opportunity to try out microneedling was too good to miss, and I visited The Door W4 for a consultation. 

The Door W4 is a luxurious experience
The Door W4 is a luxurious experience

With a lovely bunch of staff full of compliments, chatters and every type of tea you could ask for, I loved my first visit to The Door W4, despite expecting to feel out of place at an aesthetics clinic.

Sitting down for a long discussion with Dr Julia about how I felt about my skin and what I’d like from a treatment, she quickly gleaned that microneedling was, perhaps, not the best one for me to kick things off with. 

Microneedling, though sounding like a fab treatment, takes a while to recover from - and longer still to see results. But I was brand new to the notion of face injections, and the worry over the aftereffects made me baulk. Spotting that I needed something natural, with quick recovery time and few risks, Dr Julia recommended I try Profhilo instead.

I had never heard of it before, but since my treatment, my pals in the know have chorused, ‘Ooo, I’ve always wanted to try that!’ when I’ve mentioned it. It is a celebrity favourite thanks to its swift recovery time, minimal risk and au natural ingredients - but what is it all about? 

Some skin refreshment was needed
Some skin refreshment was needed

Chatting to HELLO! about the treatment, Dr Julia Coelho explained: “Profhilo is one of our patients' favourite treatments, ideal for anyone looking to invest quickly and effectively to hydrate their skin, restore a healthy glow, and stimulate collagen and elastin production. This is attributed to the regenerative action of hyaluronic acid, which consists of anti-inflammatory and bio-stimulating properties.” 

Profhilo consists of natural ingredients that we all already possess, but that slow down and become less effective with age. I read that it was essentially an injectable moisturiser, but Dr Julia has the technical terms. She said: “Profhilo is a bio-remodeling treatment comprising a high concentration of highly purified hyaluronic acid. The bio-remodeling property is what stimulates elastin, collagen, and adipose tissue within the skin. 

“Unlike dermal fillers, which are quite viscous, Profhilo is very 'runny' and spreads beneath the skin. The subtle results and minimal to no downtime make it the perfect option for those seeking a natural outcome.” 

Was the treatment painful? 

To achieve maximum results, I visited The Door W4 twice over the period of one month for two rounds of treatment. The treatment consists of around 10 injections in your cheeks and chin, and while they certainly did smart, it was all over within minutes, with Dr Julia and her lovely assistant keeping a steady flow of chatter and music to distract from the fleeting pain. 

Little bumps you almost couldn't see remained in my skin overnight
Little bumps you almost couldn't see remained in my skin overnight

While the injections did leave raised bumps on my skin that felt a little like under the skin pimples, it was completely pain-free, and the bumps went away overnight. 

Who is Profhilo suitable for? 

Dr Julia promises that almost everyone would benefit from the treatment. She said: “It is suitable for almost everyone, showing excellent results in various skin types and ages. It is also reported to improve skin quality and appearance in patients with rosacea and eczema.” 

Dr. Julia Coelho at The Door W4
Dr. Julia Coelho at The Door W4

Did I notice a difference? 

The ultimate question for any treatment is whether you see a change in your skin, and if I’m completely honest, this is a yes and no answer for Profhilo - so let me explain. First of all, the treatment promises subtle yet positive changes to the skin. 

As it’s a natural moisturiser, I wouldn’t wake up one morning with all of my self-imposed flaws erased. Maximum results in the treatment also tend to show up more obviously in older women, and being in my early 30s, Dr Julia made it clear that this was more of a preventative treatment, meaning that it would help with the ageing process. 

It definitely did the job (I hope!)
It definitely did the job (I hope!)

Eight weeks after the treatment, the optimal time for seeing results, I saw a slight improvement in my skin, but no less than what I was expecting. My face feels much fresher overall, there is a little more of a natural glow, but more importantly than that, I think is that my attitude to it has changed, something that I also feel is important to mention. 

With the lists of injectable treatments that people can have, it made me wonder why I was turning to what I wanted to be a ‘quick fix’ anyway when I barely took proper care of my skin on a day-to-day basis. 

My skin feels much more glowing
My skin feels much more glowing

Being quite lazy, my poor face would be lucky if a nighttime routine included a hit of moisturiser, never mind cleansing or toning. Sometimes I even forget to take my makeup off before going to bed - but after my treatment, it felt like undergoing the measure meant that I should make the most of it and upon Dr Julia’s advice I began to incorporate vitamin C into my skincare routine. 

Oh, I also created a skincare routine. 

Now I use a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and vitamin C, Micellar Water for my makeup, an SPF 50 facial suncream applied daily - and even some nighttime collagen treatment has made it into the mix. Not to mention keeping up the importance of hydration with a new water bottle keeping me in line with drinking my daily amount. Profhilo was a treat for my skin, and I don’t plan on wasting it. 

To book a treatment, visit The Door W4 here. 

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