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Could Amazon’s neck toning tool give me the snatched jaw of my 20s? Here’s my honest review

Read what happened when I tried Amazon’s jawline exercise tool

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Carla Challis
Commerce Partnerships Editor
May 28, 2024
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Neck firming creams and serums should be part of your daily beauty routine, and they have been a part of mine for years. Admittedly, not used as religiously used as my skincare but as I’ve aged, I’ve noticed that that part of my body is a little more, shall we say, saggy, and lined than it used to be.

And while neck firming lotions and products have their place, I jumped on the at-home beauty tool train and invested in Amazon’s Electric Neck and Face Lift Massager, designed to iron out neck lines and tighten the skin around the jaw and neck. Think of it as a PT for your jawline.

Using microcurrents and light therapy, including red, blue and purple light, this handheld device promised to lift, firm and smooth the skin in just 10 minutes a day. Retailing for £28.88 / $29.99, did it live up to my expectations?

Amazon’s jawline exercise tool – first thoughts

The small tool fit comfortably into my hand and a quick charge of the battery, via USB, and it was ready to roll. Easy to use, there’s one button to select the type of light therapy you want and apply to the skin.

It’s recommended you apply an oil, serum or moisturiser before using, and I applied my usual Prai Neck & Decolletage Night Cream to the neck (but you can use any moisturising product) before delving in.

The microcurrent kicks in once its pressed against your skin, and it has a pleasant warming feel. I focused on my neck and jawline, and started by smoothing the tool upwards of my neck towards my jaw. It literally felt like I was ironing out wrinkles, and I soon fell into a rhythm of moving it not too fast, and not too slow.

Amazon neck toning device
The neck massage device is surprisingly small, and easy to use

There’s no instructions or guide on how to use it best for your intended results, and I suggest a quick YouTube search if you need some advice. If all else fails for the neck, my years of experience in the beauty field is to always massage up the neck – you want lifting, not dragging the skin down.

After 10 minutes, I moved to the jaw, angling the device onto my jawline and smoothing it out towards my ears. Again, it actually feels quite pleasant and I did it while watching Bridgerton – 10 minutes soon passed!

As with everything in beauty, consistency is key and I kept up the routine for a good seven days. By day three, I actually felt a slight ache in my neck and jawline, as if I’d done hundreds of face yoga exercises or had an intense facial massage.

Amazon jawline exercise tool – final thoughts

Now, I’m not going to tell you that suddenly I was as snatched as Bella Hadid with the neck of a 21 year old (I’m 41, let’s keep it real here) but what I can tell you is, that I did see a difference and I was pretty impressed, considering the price of the beauty tool and how easy it was to do.

Bella Hadid at Cannes 2024
Bella Hadid's snatched jawline is my inspiration

The biggest improvement I saw was my jawline. My burgeoning double chin looked less burgeoning, and while inches weren’t taken off, it looked firmer and more toned.

My jawline, which in recent years has softened a little, looked sharper – not razor sharp, but a little more defined that it had looked a week before.

Strangely, using the neck toning tool has had an effect on the way I hold my neck too. It feels as though it has re-trained it, and instead of holding my chin down somewhat (and causing a double chin), I hold it more up and straight – immediately giving me less of a squishy chin and much more swan-like neck vibes.

Is it worth the money? I think so. I’ve used it on and off now, over the last month, and have continued to see improvements, especially in the lines on my neck. I’ve started moving it towards the decolletage too, to sort crepey skin there. If anything, it’s made me more conscious of remembering to apply neck and decolletage cream, even if I don’t then use the device.

Fellow Amazon shoppers seem to agree with me, with multiple reviews praising how easy it is to use and good value for money. “The skin does look smoother and more toned,” one wrote with another echoing that sentiment. “A cracking way to help define the skin on your neck without the cost of those beauty parlours out there.”

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