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How to remove tape extensions and keep your hair super healthy

Extensions should be refitted every six to eight weeks

Ainhoa Barcelona
Ainhoa BarcelonaContent Managing Editor
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When I first had my hair extensions done I felt on top of the world, swishing and twirling my mane at every possible moment until I was told to stop, I was being annoying. But after around six weeks, I knew it was time to have them refitted. The pieces of tape that glued my extensions to my natural hair weren't as smooth or as neat as before – they were starting to stick out and lose their sleekness. Cue, a trip back to Beauty & Melody salon, where I had them fitted. Will it be painful? Will I lose a lot of hair? These were just some of the questions running through my mind. Read on to find out what to expect…

What happens during the removal process?

Your colourist will use a special oil that contains different ingredients that help the tape dissolve. It's the most natural and pain-free way of taking them out. Your extensions are removed row by row and meticulously numbered so that they can be refitted in exactly the same spot they were taken from. Genius!

hair extensions final

Have you extensions refitted every six to eight weeks

Will I lose a lot of hair?

Naturally, we lose around 50 to 100 strands of hair per day. This is obviously not the case when you have your extensions in, as the glue is holding your hair in place. So when the time comes to finally have your extensions removed, don't be surprised. You will lose what looks like a massive amount of hair, but it's only because you're not used to seeing so much fall at one time. My hair did feel thinner without my extensions in, but what else could I expect? I had just taken out layers and layers of Russian Remy Hair extensions, and lost some of my own natural hair. After one wash, I was used to my old thickness again.

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Will my hair grow back normally?

Yes! It will feel like a bit of a shock at first, suddenly losing your thick extensions, but your hair will grow back normally. Extensions don't affect hair growth.

hair extensions colour

Your extensions are removed row by row using a special oil

How long does the removal process take?

I had a three quarters head of extensions and the removal process took about an hour, with the wash and blowdry at the end. If you're having extensions taken out and refitted, expect a longer wait of two hours.

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What happens to your extensions at the salon?

If you want your extensions removed, you'll simply be given them to keep in a bag until you want them refitted again. But if you want your extensions refitted in the same appointment, your colourist will wash them with a cleansing shampoo, then apply a moisturising mask that is left on for a bit. Your extensions are then rinsed, dried and re-taped to your hair. You can also have them trimmed if you ask.

hair extensions different colours

There are plenty of shades to choose from at Beauty & Melody

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Should I use a special shampoo or have any hair treatments done?

Looking after your natural hair, once you've had your extensions removed, is of utmost importance. Beauty & Melody recommends using sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner (read the bottle!) and applying a hair mask once a week.

How often should I get my tape extensions refitted?

The salon recommends having your extensions redone every six to eight weeks. The cost of removing and refitting them is half the price of what it originally cost to have them put in, which starts at around £350 for half a head. If you just want the extensions removed, it costs £70 per hour. The salon also provides a one-year guarantee on the extensions.

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