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Julia Roberts' PINK hair transformation is seriously chic


Anna Johnstone
Head of Social
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If we were to tell you that Julia Roberts had just had a hair transformation, what would you expect? Some honey-hued highlights? Sampling another flattering fringe, as she already has rocked a few through her career? Think again: the actress has vamped up her look with some pink toned hair, and it looks so good, we’re booking an hairdresser’s appointment pronto. Sadly, it sounds like it’s not a permanent new look, but we’re still kind of digging the rose tinged blonde. A bit like a grungy Elle Woods.

julia roberts pink hair suit

The American actress was spotted on Jimmy Kimmel live with her new hair and when quizzed on the look, explained that she was trick-or-treating with her children the previous night: “I had a lot more last night, but I thought there would be a lot less right now”. Which is great, because means we can totally relate to the A-list Hollywood actress; we were still shaking glitter out of our hair and scrubbing off fake blood the day after Halloween. However, what frightening creature was she dressed up as, you ask? A flamingo. Yep, we’re not so sure either - but it’s probably still a shade scarier than Frenchie from Grease.

julia roberts pink hair jimmy kimmel

She explained how her hairstyle was not exactly planned

julia roberts pink hair

The actress totally rocked her pink look

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We also LOVE the fact that she wore a pink suit for her appearance on the show, because if you’re going to still be wearing the remains of last night, you may as well just turn it into a look (which is what we told ourselves when we were still rocking last night’s smudged eyeliner, although maybe slightly less chic than the Oscar winner). Because our fashion and beauty rules are basically: if Julia Roberts does it (on screen or in reality), so will we. Now, where are our thigh-highs and blonde wigs?

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