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Lorraine Kelly shares relief about her father's health in this week's HELLO! diary

The presenter's dad has received his COVID-19 vaccine

lorraine kelly parents
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Lorraine Kelly is celebrating some very good personal news this week, as her father has had his COVID-19 vaccine. The presenter revealed all in her HELLO! column, while praising our NHS workers and the scientists who developed the vaccine. Read more below…

The good news for my family this week was my dad, who is eighty years old next month, suffers from heart disease and is very high risk, was given the vaccine.

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I've never been so relieved or excited about him going to visit the doctors. He told me the whole process was quick, easy, painless, and it has certainly taken a real weight off all our minds. My mum Anne, who is as fit as a fiddle, turns eighty in September and hopefully will be receiving her jab in the next few weeks.

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We are so incredibly lucky to have brilliant scientists who have been working round the clock to develop vaccines, and to benefit from the organisational skills of the army and the dedication of the NHS teams who are making this vaccine roll out so impressive. There will inevitably be hiccups along the way, but so far we are on track.

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There's sadly a lot of misinformation out there and I really wish people would listen to the likes of my friend Dr Hilary Jones and protect themselves and their families by having their vaccination as soon as they get the call.

lorraine kelly parents

Lorraine's father has had his COVID-10 vaccine

It's so heartwarming to watch our front-line workers and the over seventies and eighties embrace this life-saving vaccine. We have such a lot to learn from our elders, most especially how stoic they have been during these unprecedented times.

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It's made me think of ways we can be more like them and 'Keep Calm and Carry On' by finding ways to keep occupied and de-stress and finding something to look forward to every day. Some of my friends are finding real comfort in reading, writing a diary, connecting online with friends, and even taking up knitting and crocheting.

lorraine kelly parents in park

Lorraine's mum is waiting for her vaccine

My daughter Rosie has kickstarted my love of jigsaw puzzles. We are both working on a very complicated Little Mermaid 1,000 piece puzzle right now, and our next plan is to graduate on to a tough Antarctic scene containing hundreds of penguins. I've never been able to complete this one as obviously it's mostly white background dotted with little black white birds. It's also going to be very soothing and satisfying when it's all done.