Martine McCutcheon bravely details her health battle - fans reach out

The 45-year-old is staying upbeat

Martine McCutcheon has received an outpouring of support from her fans following her latest Instagram post.

The 45-year-old mother-of-one shared a striking selfie taken from inside her car, showing the star looking down at her lap, sunkissed in the evening sun.

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In her typically upbeat fashion, she explained in the caption: "Sunshine! Hurrah! We are having a little drive as I've been having a flare-up of the fibro and lyme today and I feel like I've been hit on the head by a mallet! I get migraines from hell!

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"I've managed to rest a bit and I wanted some fresh air & a little trip out - but the Sat Nav says one way & Waze says another! I never know which one to follow... Eyes down and concentrate! I bloody hate traffic! Sometimes Willy Waze isn't as on the ball as I'd like...

Martine shared a striking snapshot as she detailed her health battle

"Anyone else find that? And as for Sat Nav Steve... He's on his own planet! Have a lovely evening everyone! #decisionsdecisions #outofsaltstoday #alittledrive #perkmyselfup #freshairtherapy #sunshine #avoidthetraffic #concentration #satnavsteve #willywaze #donttrustthem."

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Martine has faced a number of health setbacks in recent years. She was first diagnosed with ME in 2011 - a longterm illness that causes an overwhelming feeling of tiredness - and was then diagnosed with Lyme disease, an infectious bacterial condition passed on from being bitten by an infected tick. Fibromyalgia, meanwhile, causes pain all over the body.

The star has been diagnosed with ME, Lyme disease and Fibromyalgia

Fans were quick to reach out to the star. "Feel for you as it's a battle I have at times but not Lyme with me EDS and Fibro. Stay strong, [sic]" one wrote. "I've just been through a bad flare as well. Body felt like lead. It's so horrible isn't it xxxx," a second said.

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Martine, meanwhile, took the time to respond to a number of her followers - even offering some advice to one who had asked: "How do you know if you have fibro? I get really bad headaches and hip pain x."

Martine is a proud mum to son Rafferty

"It's a bit different for everyone which is why people find it hard to diagnose along with cfs/ me lyme etc but generally you gave aches pains, cracking/ tight shortened muscles /joints - you feel like you need WD40 to loosen things!" Martine replied.

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"You can also have fatigue, changes in temperature, brain fog, sensitivity to noise, light, smell and parts of the body really hurt. Sleeping doesn't always make you feel refreshed and you fatigue very easily. A bit like the flu but it doesn't really fully go away. I hope you don't have it! Wishing you well xxxxxxx."

She has been married to husband Jack McManus since 2012

In a recent interview with Bella magazine, Martine revealed she now enjoys a slower pace of life, explaining: "Because I have Lyme disease and fibromyalgia, I have to take extra special care of myself.

"I try to eat natural and organic food. I have loads of fruit and veg. I find stretching, gentle yoga and breathing helpful. I know now that my body starts changing when I push myself too hard and beyond my limits."

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