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Lorraine Kelly reveals plans to get fit and healthy again after going up four dress sizes

She's taking action

lorraine kelly cutting veg
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Like many of us, Lorraine Kelly hasn't felt her usual self in the almost two years that have passed since the pandemic struck. The daytime TV presenter has revealed she has gone up four dress sizes and plans to take action to get back to feeling fit and healthy like her old self. Find out what she's planning to do in her exclusive HELLO! diary below...

I'm on a mission to get my sparkle back after two years of comfort eating, bingeing on far too much TV and not getting enough exercise.

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I know I'm not the only one who has gained "Covid Weight" and I just want to get back to my old self. It's all about being happy and healthy and eating well and doing exercise you enjoy.

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I have SO missed my aerobics classes with instructor Maxine Jones that helped me get really fit, have loads of stamina and also were so good for my mental health and wellbeing.

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Before the pandemic, I really thought I had finally cracked it. I had a healthy diet and was doing lots of walking with my border terrier Angus and I had my classes twice a week with Maxine.

lorraine kelly lifting weights

Lorraine is missing her aerobics classes with instructor Maxine Jones

Then almost two years ago everything just shut down. I was lucky enough to still be able to go into work every day which gave me structure and purpose, but remember back then when we were only allowed to go out and exercise on our own for an hour a day? No wonder so many of us turned to guzzling chocolate, crisps, and cake and drinking too much booze.

Here I am two years down the line, and I've gone from a size 10 to a size 14 and I know I'm on the slippery slope to just getting more and more lazy and unhealthy. People say I look fine, but it's all about how YOU feel inside.

lorraine kelly aerobics

She's on a mission to feeling healthy again

So I'm taking action. I need extra support so downloaded the WW app (formerly known Weight Watchers) on my phone and started my journey back to feeling more like myself. It's just like having a friend in the palm of your hand giving you advice on recipes, food, sleep, exercise, and wellbeing.

We are light years away from the old days when you went to a class and were weighed every week and the emphasis was on how much space your body took up in the world. Things have moved on dramatically and the focus is on feeling happy and healthy and finding that plan for life.

lorraine kelly in pink dress

Lorraine has downloaded the WW app

You can track your food intake to make sure you are eating well, as well as drinking enough water, and getting the proper amount of sleep and exercise. There's advice on cooking, fun online exercise classes and terrific supportive chat rooms.

Personally, I don't have scales, (although I know lots of people like to track the pounds lost) but I do have a size ten red dress I would love to fit back into again. As we slowly and carefully get back to normal, I just want to feel a bit more confident and to be the best I can.

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