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Exclusive: Kelly Ripa's personal trainer reveals the secrets behind the Live! host's incredible physique at 52

Celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser has been working with Kelly for 14 years

Kelly Ripa shows off her impressively toned arms at the Oscars
Hannah Hargrave
US Deputy Editor
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Kelly Ripa never ceases to amaze with her boundless energy, beautiful sense of style and let's not forget those abs!

The 52-year-old host of Live! with Kelly and Mark maintains an impressive physique and swears by celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser's workouts

So much so, she's been doing them for 14 years. Anna sat down with HELLO! to give an exclusive peek into Kelly's wellness regime, the moves she hates, the ones she loves and lifts the lid on the real reason she's so fit. 

WATCH: Kelly Ripa is put through her paces by her trainer Anna Kaiser

How many times does Kelly Ripa workout per week?

Despite her hectic work schedule with hosting Live!, her podcast and The Generation Gap - not to mention she's an author and she's raised three grown children - Kelly always makes time to exercise.

"She usually works out six days a week," Anna said. "Even when she travels, she'll do the workouts virtually if she needs to. Everyone knows that is her hour, morning or evening, she gets 45 minutes in and that is her time."

Kelly Ripa has been working with Anna Kaiser for 14 years © Instagram
Kelly Ripa has been working with Anna Kaiser for 14 years

What is the Anna Kaiser fitness technique?

"My workouts are interval based," Anna said about her vibrant fitness classes. "The focus of the workout is strength and then I add elements of cardio, dance and power to elevate and make the strength training more effective."

And if you've ever seen any of Kelly's phenomenal workout videos with Anna, you'll be marveling at her dance moves. But Anna insists her workouts can fit anyone. "I say stick with it for a month and then moves will start to look familiar and it will become easier for your brain to recognize it.

"You'll be able to push your body harder because you'll know what to expect and you're not always learning something new." 

Anna's workouts never get boring and challenge your brain and your body © Anna Kaiser
Anna's workouts never get boring and challenge your brain and your body

The only thing Kelly won't do 

Kelly prioritizes her workouts and she never misses a session. "She never cancels and she's let everyone know in her life that, that is her time," Anna explained. "It has been the same for 14 years. Even if she's had no sleep, she still shows up. If she's exhausted, she still shows up and then we decide how and what we do that day."

Anna says that everyone should make time for movement. "Even if you can only do 15 minutes or you only have time for a 30 minute workout. Show up for the time you have as it all makes a huge difference to your mind and body."

Kelly Ripa's daily diet

Kelly and her husband Mark Consuelos quit drinking alcohol several years ago and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.But that's not to say she doesn't indulge. "She has a healthy diet but she loves dessert," Anna revealed. "I say to her that it is really important to have a balance, but when you go on vacation you want to enjoy different cuisines.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos shows off their fit physiques in swimwear© Instagram
Kelly and her husband Mark are avid about keeping in shape

"Kelly knows this more than anyone, the more you tell yourself not to do something, the more you're gonna want to do it. So allow yourself to enjoy food as part of life.

"It's less about staying away from something because of the calories or the fat content and more about what is going to give you the energy for your workouts and make you feel your best throughout the day."

Consistency is key

 At 52, Kelly is in amazing shape and Anna says this is down to consistency and focusing on strength training. When discussing how Kelly's workouts have changed over the years, Anna says they've toned it down on the cardio, and upped the strength.

"I like to say in your twenties, you should work out as hard as you can to really build that base of support for your body and your spine, your muscles and you have the energy and the mobility to do that.

Kelly Ripa on the red carpet © Getty Images
Kelly doesn't have to change up her red carpet routine for special events as she maintains her fitness levels

"In your thirties you add heavier weights  but continue to work out at an elevated level because when you hit 40 it's really hard to build muscles."

Kelly has maintained the muscle that she's built over the last two decades by turning up every day, it's maintenance, not starting from scratch."

Use your brain 

With a multitude of different moves to get your head around, Anna's routines mean your brain is getting a workout as well as your body - something that's so important as we age. "Kelly has memorized around 100 dances, which is amazing. These workouts are so  good for your cognitive function."

Anna says Kelly never misses a workout
Anna says Kelly never misses a workout

Kelly is also eager to keep learning and I always have to keep finding things to challenge her both physically and mentally.

"It helps with stress relief and anxiety and energy and skin tone and circulation and longevity, all of those things, and that's why she loves it so much."

Workout with a friend 

Kelly is often by Anna's side for her workouts and sometimes her daughter Lola joins in too, making it a family affair. Anna says finding someone to exercise with makes it more likely that you'll stick with your plan. 

Kelly Ripa Lola Consuelos red carpet© Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock
Kelly often works out with her daughter too

"Lola comes in and out depending on where she is in the world and school but it's really fun to work out with both of them and I love their energy together.

"They're very playful, you know, I always think it's nice to work out with friends as it gets you out of your own head and creates a different relationship to your body and the workout and it makes it really fun.

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"Plus you hold each other accountable. So, anytime you can start a little challenge or program with a friend, I highly encourage it."

Anna Kaiser Studios has a multitude of different plans you can sign up to whether in class or virtually, if you're a beginner or a pro. Check out everything she has to offer here.

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