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8 clever celebrity heatwave hacks from Alison Hammond, Kate Garraway, Stacey Solomon & more

Because nobody likes being too hot

heatwave advice
Kate Thomas
Kate ThomasLifestyle Managing Editor
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Summer has finally arrived – and while there's nothing like enjoying warm weather with a cold drink, heatwaves aren't without their issues.

Whether you struggle to sleep when it's hot or can't cool down after a sweaty day at work, hot weather can be uncomfortable. Luckily, our favourite celebrities are dab-hands when it comes to cooling off.

From Alison Hammond's icy beanbags to Kate Garraway's cooling bedsheet hack and Ruth Langsford's idea for staying cool during dinner, these are the heatwave tricks to know now.

Stacey Solomon's heatwave hack

stacey pillowcase© Photo: Instagram

The queen of DIY hacks, Stacey was our first port of call when it came to celebrity heatwave tricks. Last summer she shared her number one trick for keeping her kids cool. "I'm filling the boys' water bottles halfway, leaving them on their sides in the freezer so they'll have ice cold water for school."

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Stacey has her own hack too: "I put my pillowcase in the freezer for 20 minutes before bed. There's nothing better than a cold pillow."

Jamie Oliver's heatwave hack

flowers© Photo: Instagram

Celebrity chef Jamie has a genius idea to cool down drinks – while giving your gin and tonic a pretty makeover. He revealed: "#TopTip for these warmer days!! When you're making ice cubes, pop in some fresh fruit, herbs or even edible flowers before you freeze! An easy way to jazz up your favourite summer drink whilst also keeping it ice cold! Looks so impressive too! Who's going to give this a go??" Count us in.

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Kate Garraway's heatwave hack

kate garraway© Photo: ITV

Kate shared her top tip with Good Morning Britain viewers. Revealing she's been trying all manner of tactics to sleep at night, the mum-of-two has found one that really works for her family. She said: "I tried the whole dipping your bed sheet in water, it does work a bit but then you get too chilly". The one she swears by? Filling a hot water bottle with ice cold water. “It does help, definitely", she enthused.

Alison Hammond's heatwave hack

alison hammond© This Morning

Alison is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to coping with the heat! The This Morning presenter previously filmed a segment for ITV about her tips – and we're keen to try them. Just like Kate, she recommends freezing a hot water bottle, as well as filling a spritzer bottle with water, and putting a big bowl of ice in front of your fan. One we haven't heard of before? Filling a clean sock with rice and putting it in the freezer for one to three hours, forming an icy bean bag that moulds itself to your body.

Andrea McLean's heatwave hack

andrea mclean

Former Loose Women panellist Andrea McLean is a dedicated yogi, revealing to her fans that she has been practicing yoga for "almost 20 years". Taking to Instagram to share a video of her morning flow, the star shared that doing her exercise in the morning before the temperature hots up is the best way to keep cool.

"I made this [video] after doing my practice this morning in my favourite place in the world (my porch), in the cool morning air."

Nadia Sawalha's heatwave hack

nadia sawalha© Photo: Instagram

The Loose Women star advised her followers what NOT to do in a video – drink. Explaining that she was too hot so had enjoyed a large drink – "and then another one" – the giggling star confirmed it definitely hadn't worked, and she was left feeling tipsy and sweaty. One hack she does like, however, is to put a wet towel over a fan to keep the air cool.

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James Middleton's heatwave hack

james middleton mabel© Photo: Instagram

James has been prioritising keeping his beloved pet dogs cool, imparting his wisdom to his followers in a sweet video. The entrepreneur took to Instagram, where he posted a short clip showing his Golden Retriever Mabel enjoying a bath in a plastic tub full of cold water, while also being spritzed with a hose.

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The Princess of Wales' brother wrote: "How to keep your dogs cool. 1. Keep them in the shade. 2. Put a damp towel for them to lie on. 3. Put a garden sprinkler on. 4. Paddling pool or a container full of water. 5. Fill a hot water bottle with COLD water." Noted!

Ruth Langsford's heatwave hack

ruth langsford eamonn holmes© Photo: Instagram

Ruth is a woman after our own hearts. When husband Eamonn Holmes treated her to a lunch date, Ruth took her trusty companion along… a mini fan! The star's selfie prompted a flurry of comments from her followers. One wrote: "Love the mini fan," and others added: "I have one too. It’s fab. Got it from Amazon". Ruth had so many comments about the gadget that she made a separate post showing a close-up of the fan and explaining where she got it from and why she loves it.

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