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Struggled through last year's heatwave? These are the best portable air conditioners for summer 2024

Which brand is best for portable air conditioner units? From De'Longhi to AEG

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Hollie Brotherton
Hollie BrothertonLifestyle & Commerce Senior Writer
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With temperatures reaching just over 33 degrees celsius in parts of the UK last year (and a record 40 the year before!), some of us went to extreme lengths to keep ourselves cool. If you were one of them, it could be time to start thinking about investing in a portable air conditioner.

We're talking resorting to making ice cold ‘hot’ water bottles or covering yourself in freezing towels. Sound familiar? Yes, portable air conditioners are pricey, but heatwaves can be uncomfortable, and with lots of us still working from home they’re a worthy investment.

The best portable air conditioners at a glance

The De'Longhi AC: De'Longhi Pinguino PACES72 Classic, £305

The Maeco AC: Meaco MeacoCool MC Series Portable Air Conditioner, £329.99

Amazon's Choice AC: Pro Breeze 4-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner, £279.99

The most affordable AC: AirOrig Portable Air Conditioner, £178

How does a portable air conditioner work?

Unlike fans, a portable air conditioner physically sucks up the hot air inside the room and expels it out through a window, via an exhaust hose, replacing the hot air with cold air. They're ideal for those really warm days or if you're looking to cool down a larger room. Most can also be used as a dehumidifier and come with clever features like timers and smart controls. Look out for the British Thermal Units (BTUs) on each model, as that indicates how powerful they are.

It may be January, but now is the time to get in quickly and order one when they have their most competitive prices. You can find the most popular brands and models available on Amazon, with quick delivery and many more affordable than you might think. To help you choose which is best for you, we’ve searched for the bestsellers with top ratings and reviews.

How we chose the best portable air conditioner units

  • Top-rated: We've only included bestselling air conditioner units that are rated at least 4.2 out of five stars on Amazon with verified customer reviews.
  • Price: Everyone wants a good deal, so we've found the portable air conditioners available at the most competitive prices, some of which are currently on sale. All of them represent great value for money as you can make use of them for years to come, plus they have dehumidifying features for the winter months.
  • Available on Amazon: Every portable AC is available to order from Amazon, so if you need one quickly with free delivery, we've got you covered.
  • De'Longhi Portable Air Conditioner

    De'Longhi air con

    De'Longhi Pinguino PACES72 Classic Portable Air Conditioner

    Star rating: 4.3/5

    Dimensions: 29.6 x 36.1 x 69.8 cm

    Weight: 25.5 kg

    Cooling power: 8300 BTU

    Noise level: 65dB

    Features: Dehumidifier, LED display, Remote control, 24-hour timer, Thermostat

    Extraction hose & window kit included? Yes

    Trusted brand De’Longhi has one of its most popular portable air conditioner units available on Amazon with 34% off. If you're looking a small air conditioner, this one is compact but powerful. It's rated Class A in energy efficiency and uses a R290 gas that ensure it's 99.9% more environmentally friendly than equivalent portable ACs.

    It has three different speeds when used as a fan and also works as a dehumidifier. Other features include an LCD display with touch controls, a handy remote control, and integrated handles and castors wheels for easy movement. 

  • AEG Portable Air Conditioner

    AEG air con

    AEG 9000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

    Star rating: 4.4/5

    Dimensions: 85 x 51.6 x 42.2 cm

    Weight: 31.5 kg

    Cooling power: 9000 BTU

    Noise level: 63dB

    Features: Dehumidifier, Sleep Mode, LED display, Digital control panel

    Extraction hose & window kit included? Yes

    This versatile portable air conditioner can be used with or without a hose so you can wheel it wherever you need it most. Despite its small size and sleek minimal design, it's powerful enough to cool down rooms up to 21 m². When used as a fan it has three different speeds and when used as a dehumidifier, you can take advantage of the advanced self-evaporative system, which means minimal emptying.

  • KGOGO Portable Air Conditioner

    KGOGO air con

    KGOGO 9000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

    Star rating: 4.5/5

    Dimensions: 35 x 38 x 88 cm

    Weight: 22.5 kg

    Cooling power: 9000 BTU

    Noise level: 65dB

    Features: Dehumidifier, Cooling mode, Dark Light mode, Remote control, Smart timer, Child & pet lock

    Extraction hose & window kit included? Yes

    Thanks to its advanced air compressor, this popular KGOGO air con unit comes in a compact size but is still super efficient. It has cooling, fan and dehumidifying functions, plus dark light which dims the lights of the control panel, letting you sleep well if you want to leave it on through the night. It's ideal for family homes at it has a child and pet lock included.

  • Maceo Portable Air Conditioner

    Maceo air con

    Meaco MeacoCool MC Series Portable Air Conditioner

    Star rating: 4.3/5

    Dimensions: 70.1 x 35 x 34.8 cm

    Weight: 23.5 kg

    Cooling power: 8000 British Thermal Units

    Noise level: 54dB

    Features: Dehumidifier, Dust filter, Sleep mode, Timer, Remote control, Digital display

    Extraction hose & window kit included? Yes

    Meaco is one of the leading names in air cooling and dehumidifier products. This popular air conditioner unit is energy efficient, with a rating of A. It has a window kit included, as well as castors fitted to make it easy to move from room-to-room. It's also one of the quietest options we've found with an average pressure level of just 51.5dB. All Meaco units come with a two-year guarantee.

  • BLU Portable Air Conditioner

    Blu air con

    BLU-09 9000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

    Star rating: 4.6/5

    Dimensions: 30.6 x 80.5 x 36.2 cm

    Weight: 26.5 kg

    Capacity: ‎26 kg

    Cooling power: 9000 BTU

    Noise level: 49dB

    Features: dehumidifier, R290 eco-friendly refrigerant, Remote control, Self evaporating

    Extraction hose & window kit included? Yes

    BLU's portable air conditioner comes with a 1.5m expandable exhaust hose and a complimentary Window Sheet suitable for UK windows, so everything is ready to go. It also has a self evaporation function which allows the unit to run more efficiently. 

    It uses a natural high efficiency gas (propane R290) which is non-toxic and has no greenhouse emissions. It also offers energy savings.

  • Pro Breeze Air Conditioner

    Pro Breeze air con

    Pro Breeze 4-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner

    Star rating: 4.3/5

    Dimensions: 32 x 70 x 29 cm

    Weight: 22.5 kg

    Cooling power: 9000 British Thermal Units

    Noise level: 54dB

    Features: Dehumidifier, Remote control, 24-hour timer, Digital display, Google Assistant/Amazon Alexa compatible, Sleep mode

    Extraction hose & window kit included? Yes

    This Pro Breeze portable air conditioner is Amazon's Choice thanks to its low price point and powerful 9000 BTU which quickly cools rooms down to as low as 16°C.  It comes with a dual option window kit included and features two fan speeds, a dehumidification mode and sleep mode. As well as the remote control and digital display, you can connect it to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

  • AirOrig Portable Air Conditioner

    AirOrig air conditioner

    AirOrig Portable Air Conditioner

    Star rating: 4.2/5

    Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 70 cm

    Cooling power: 9000 BTU

    Noise level: 65dB

    Features: Dehumidifier, Auto shut down, Built-in timer, Sleep mode, LED display, Remote control

    Extraction hose & window kit included? Yes

    This popular portable air conditioner comes at one of the lowest price points we've found but still gets glowing reviews for its powerful cooling mode, Class A energy-efficiency and compact design. It's simple to set up and comes with 360 wheels and hidden handles for easy movement.

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