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Debbie Gibson lives her best life in tiny denim hotpants for hike

80s star Debbie has been spending her time in nature

Debbie Gibson stands out in blue feather boa and holds the microphone
Rebecca Lewis
Rebecca LewisReporterLos Angeles
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Debbie Gibson, 53, is truly living her best life. The singer-songwriter and former '80s teen pop phenom has shared a series of pictures with fans that show her spending time in Nevada's Red Rocks Canyon, rocking a white tee and denim shorts. 

"Nature is so Rock n’ Roll," the star captioned the post, and fans loved the insight into how she is spending her downtime. 

Debbie Gibson poses in Red Rocks canyon in shorts and cropped white tee© Instagram
Debbie wowed fans as she showed off her physique

In the shorts and cropped tee, Debbie enjoyed a hike through the canyon near her home in Las Vegas, although it was unclear who her companion – and photographer – was the impromptu shoot. But the blonde beauty appeared to be enjoying herself, as several of the candid snaps saw her giggling and crouching closer to the lens.

"What fantastic pics. You look rock and roll yourself," commented pal Eloise Riddle, as one follower added: "I absolutely love following you Debbie. Seems like the most honest and genuinely kind happy person. Have a good show!" 

Debbie Gibson looks out over Red Rock Canyons© Instagram
Debbie, 53, has been touring in recent months

At 53, the 'Only in My Dreams' singer has the energy of women half her age, and she told HELLO! that she credits her approach to food for her youthful glow.

"I promote Dr. Kelly Anne's bone broth because I have legitimately loved bone broth my whole life. I need to find ways of not bombarding my system," she shared In 2022, opening up about her diagnosis with Lymes disease and debilitating gut issues. 

"Nutrition is so important to how you look and I don't mean weight," she said. "It's about being clear. I don't eat giant plates of food because my body can't handle it. I end up with fatigue or pain or other unpleasant symptoms."

But Debbie did admit that in her younger years, she would over-exercise, to the detriment of her body. 

Debbie Gibson wears turquoise blue outfit and points to neon sign
Debbie has shared her fitness and body secrets

"I would wake up and run the stadium steps in LA and then I'd go swimming and then something else," she confessed. "I was addicted to having the look where I looked drawn and had to have this big sweat on. But what I didn't realize then was that it was my adrenals screaming 'May-day'." 

Debbie continued: "On stage, I'll push my limits. But I don't overdo exercise otherwise. I have a Peloton to use when I want to. But I do 10 or 15 mins of low impact work. Then I walk my dog, jog, or do things which feel like they flow and fit into my life." 

That attitude flows through to her social media presence as well, and earlier in 2023 gave fans a glimpse into her tour rehearsals. In the energetic footage, Debbie rocked tiny green shorts and a crop top for the fast-paced practice.

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