Social media is going crazy for floating crease eyeliner – get the look!

Eyeliner just got an upgrade…

Have you heard of floating crease eyeliner? Us neither, but listen up because it's the next big thing in makeup. Kylie Jenner recently sported the trend on her Instagram page for Kylie Cosmetics and her sister Kendall Jenner showcased the funky liner look for Chanel. Gigi Hadid is another top name to embrace the fashion backstage at Anna Sui during New York Fashion Week. So what it is exactly? It's when you draw a line across the crease of your eyelid – it gives a totally fresh look that we lurve and it's big on Insta right now.

The fun thing about the floating crease liner look is you can be as zany as you like with it as it's an alternative look to start with. Try a thick taupe tone for a retro effect or go neon with a bright shade like Kylie's orange and match it to your lippy.

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Or be brave like Gigi and draw on a dark purple hue and contrast with a vibrant shadow above. Such a fun look for festivals!

The key point about achieving this look is getting your liner in the right spot. You need to be pretty precise or it will look weird. First apply your eyeshadow of choice, then looking in the mirror, find the crease on your lid and draw an arch just above it. You need a steady hand so take your time. Then voila, a new take on classic eyeliner.

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We're so trying this at the weekend…