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Popular royals storm into 2012's top baby names

When William and Kate welcome their first baby next year, it's highly likely that their chosen baby name will shoot straight to the top of the popularity polls. It's a precedent set by the increasingly prominent royal family in this, the year of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. This week Babycentre announced the top 100 boy and girl names of 2012, and it's clear that the royals are really influencing the names of the next generation.

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Harry tops this list for the boys, moving up two places since last year. And of the top ten boy's names, five have a royal connection – Harry, George, William, Charlie and James. Furthermore royal favourites Henry, Edward, Arthur, Zara and Elizabeth all feature in the top 100, with Catherine also moving steadily up the charts.British parents also seem to be seeking inspiration from their favourite TV shows. The impact of period hit Downton Abbey is reflected in this year's list with Violet, Isabel, Daisy, Matthew, Thomas and Tom all in the top 100.And it's not just the Grantham's having an impact – Dana and Brody, two characters from Homeland, have shot up the charts, as has Ayra from popular fantasy Game of Thrones.

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The popularity of the names Anna/Ana and Christian are two of the more unexpected stars of the 2012 charts – the names of the two protagonists from Fifty Shades of Grey are both up from their positions last year.

The top 10 baby names of 2012


1. Amelia - + 10 places2. Lily - -1 places3. Emily - -1 place4. Sophia - non-mover5.Isabelle - non-mover6. Sophie - non-mover7. Olivia - non-mover8. Jessica - + 4 places9. Chloe - non-mover10. Mia - + 7 places


1. Harry - + 2 places2. Jack - non-mover3. Oliver - - 2 places4. Charlie - non-mover5. James - non-mover6. George - + 7 places7. Thomas - + 1 place8. Ethan - + 2 places9. Jacob - non-mover10. William - + 4 places

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