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This is what Ola Jordan is craving during her pregnancy

James Jordan reveals what his wife's pregnancy cravings are...

Harriet Keane
Harriet KeaneLifestyle Intern
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Ola Jordan is almost halfway through her pregnancy and it seems that those pregnancy cravings are in full swing! In a hilarious Instagram Story on Wednesday night, husband James Jordan documented his and Ola's late-night food shopping spree in Sainsburys which saw Ola sneak a few packets of the same item into their basket. 

ola jordan oreo

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Commenting on the contents of their shopping basket, James zoomed the camera lens into the two packets of Oreos lying at the bottom of the basket, pointing out that is a very unusual choice for Ola. He said: "Out shopping with Ola now and in the bag, Oreos… we never buy Oreos! Why do you fancy..." It looks like Ola might have become a fan of the sandwich biscuit since announcing her pregnancy, but we very much doubt she's the only person to reach for two packets during her supermarket shop. Guilty...

ola jordan basket

However, it would appear that it's not just Oreos that Ola is craving during her pregnancy. Whilst James is expressing his shock at the two packets of Oreos, Ola then throws another two packets of dark chocolate rice cakes into their basket. Yum! Chocolate is definitely one of her cravings then. James was quick to shoot down anyone who was about to make a judgement about their shopping items, saying: "See now people are going to be sending me messages like, 'you shouldn't be eating so much chocolate because it's not good for you'… but what should I get?" He then opted for some fizzy strawberry straws.

ola jordan exercising

The couple put the late-night shopping spree down to their upcoming baby scan. According to James, the baby was being "difficult" and was not in a good position for the scan so Ola had been told to move around in hope that the baby would move into a good position. He hilariously added: "The baby is being difficult so it's definitely my child." In James' Instagram Story, Ola can be seen exercising down a road and then into the supermarket to stock up on her favourite treats. Ola, it's happened to the best of us.

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