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Dancing on Ice star Caprice Bourret talks exclusively about her miracle sons

She made headlines in 2013...

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Caprice Bourret is wowing Dancing on Ice viewers with her elegant skating routines with professional partner Hamish Gaman. After a long day of training, there are two very special people waiting for her when she gets home - her two boys Jax and Jett, both six. In an Instagram video, the model and businesswoman, 48, thanked fans for their support on the BBC show while Jax can be seen riding a scooter out of the garage. As she called him back, she joked: "This is my reality. Stupid o'clock, school run, taking the trash bins out."

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However, there was a time when she thought she wouldn't be able to be a mother. Back in 2013, the birth of her two sons – one born via a surrogate and the other carried by herself, delivered just weeks apart – made headlines. In an exclusive interview and photoshoot with HELLO! magazine Caprice spoke candidly about her miracle sons.

She met her partner US multimillionaire financier Ty Comfort at the age of 39 through a mutual friend but they struggled to start a family, suffering a miscarriage followed by several failed rounds of IVF. "The doctors told me to forget getting pregnant," she said. “They discovered that the lining of my womb is so thin that no embryo could attach and grow. I was devastated." 

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Despite their heartache, they did not give up. Ty found a fertility agency in the US where they hired a surrogate to carry and give birth to their child. Shortly after their 32-year-old surrogate became pregnant with two of their embryos, Caprice realised she was also carrying a child. At the time, she believed her exhaustion was caused by training hard for TV show Splash! with Tom Daley. "I didn’t dare believe that I could be pregnant. I took ten pregnancy tests, one after the other, to make sure. When every result was positive I was flabbergasted. I worked out I must have conceived a month after our surrogate became pregnant." She continued: "When I told my doctor I was pregnant, he said, 'Cap, I’ve been doing this for 25 years and this has never happened. This is a miracle. You’d better look upstairs and say, "Thank you so much."'"

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Caprice with Jax and Jett in 2015

While their surrogate unfortunately lost a baby girl, Caprice and Ty welcomed two boys Jax and Jett in 2013. The pair decided never to reveal which baby she and their surrogate had carried. "It makes no difference to me," she explained in her autobiography My Boys, My Body, My Business. “But I want to avoid anyone making assumptions or judgments about either of my sons. I love both my boys equally; they’re both mine, but one had a ‘babysitter’ for nine months."

She told people they were twins and said she would celebrate their birthday on the same day. "As they get older, it will be up to them if they prefer separate birthdays", she explained. "So yes, I will tell them the truth eventually, but I don’t think it will affect them in a bad way or make them feel any different. I love these boys so much, more than my own life, and I’m their biological mother."

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