Inside Peter Andre's son Junior's super-spacious bedroom and bathroom

Junior has an L-shaped sofa and coffee table in his bedroom

Peter Andre delighted fans over the Easter weekend by giving them a tour inside his house in Surrey, especially Junior's bedroom and bathroom. The father-of-four revealed the whole family used the long weekend as an opportunity to do a bit of housework, but Junior unfortunately didn't get round to cleaning his lavish bedroom before his dad came knocking. 

Junior's bedroom follows a neutral cream, black and grey colour scheme

In a video on his Instagram Stories, Peter walked up the stairs and into Junior's bedroom, which contains a plush double bed with a TV positioned at the foot of the bed, a black desk and chair for doing his homework and a football games table. It even featured a large grey L-shaped sofa covered with blue scatter cushions and a coffee table, which we imagine is the perfect place to unwind after a long day. While the doting dad was focusing on the mess, with clothes strewn across the floor and surfaces, fans were more intrigued to see the super-spacious room. Located on the top floor of the house, it is fitted with several skylights that bathe the space in natural light while the carpets and walls follow the same neutral colour scheme as the rest of the property. 

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It contains a TV, sofa and coffee table!

And there's no fighting over the shower in the Andre household, as Peter revealed his son also has the luxury of his own personal bathroom. The Mysterious Girl singer jokingly shamed Junior by revealing it was the first time he had cleaned his bathroom, ever! Regardless, he showed off the 14-year-old's hard work, and judging by the sparkling glass doors, bleached toilet and spotless tiled floors, he did a very good job. Aside from Junior's cleaning skills, fans were particularly interested to see the modern decor, including a huge glass walk-in shower, stainless steel fittings and a window overlooking the countryside. 

Junior has his own bathroom with a walk-in shower 

"Go on son," Peter captioned the video, before heading back downstairs and into the kitchen to find his son taking out the recycling bin. Meanwhile, the 47-year-old revealed both himself and his wife Emily MacDonagh also tidied the outside area, jet spraying the patio and wiping down the garden furniture.

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