James and Ola Jordan: Our sleepless night after baby Ella's injections 

James and Ola talk worrying over baby Ella after her injections

Things are starting to brighten up in the Jordan household! With James' dad thankfully out of hospital after a month-long stay and with Ella getting better every day after struggling with reflux and having her injections earlier this week, James and Ola are loving every moment with their happy baby - even if James' worrying is keeping them up all night!

Chatting about how Ella is doing, Ola says: "We are getting smiles from her so she's not as bad as she was. She had her injections on Monday and we were like, 'Oh no, is she going to be alright?' She was a bit moany. For reflux she's taking Gaviscon Infant so I think it's helping her. She's still refluxing and doing things that worry us a bit, she's still got a lot of saliva in her mouth and chokes a bit which makes us panic. But she seems a lot more content. There were three or four days where we were concerned, but now she's talking to us, making noises!" 

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WATCH: Baby Ella had her injections on Monday

James adds: "She cried nonstop after the injections for two hours! She screamed! We were prepared for it because the doctor said, 'Look, she could be miserable,' I didn't expect it for two hours. But then when she slept, she was asleep for eight hours. She's giving us quite a bit of time to sleep during the night, but after she had her injections it was hard. She had a bit of a raised temperature, she was not happy. Eventually she went to sleep at about 10 o'clock so we went to bed with her, but I couldn't sleep because I was worried about her!" 

Ola interjects: "He was waking me up every hour while the baby was fast asleep! All night! He's waking me up saying, 'Is she too hot? Is she too cold? Do you think she needs more Calpol?' and I said, 'James, stop waking me up, she's absolutely fine!' He does panic sometimes and he drives me absolutely mad because I could have had a good night sleep but he was waking me up!" She laughs, affectionately adding: "He was very sweet though." 

James and Ola's daughter is doing better after struggling with reflux

James explains: "Well Ola is right next to Ella's sleeping pod, so I have to look over Ola to see the baby. If she moves or I can't hear her breathing I'll shake Ola and be like, 'Is the baby okay?'" Ola jokes: "That's why I said, 'For Gods sake, just go to sleep!'" James jumps in: "Well you didn't say it quite so politely!" 

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As well as keeping her parents on her toes, little Ella is starting to take in her surroundings more! James says: "She's really beginning to notice her arms! One day we were watching her and she was looking at her right arm for about an hour. She was fascinated! Then the next day she was looking at her right arm so I put her left arm in front of her line of vision and she began watching that nonstop instead - it's so nice to watch her discovering things." 

James stayed up worrying about little Ella

The proud dad also gave an update on his own father Allan, who is thankfully now recovering from his second stroke and COVID-19 at home. "He still has a long way to go but it's a massive relief for the whole family," James explains. "He was in hospital for nearly a month so it was tough. They decided he was better off at home, he was on a ward where people were dying next to him so it was pretty horrendous. I think mentally they wanted to get him out of there." 

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He continues: "He gets very tired. We FaceTimed them today. He's normally very active but he slept for two hours this afternoon and last night they were going to watch a film but he went to bed because he was tired, so I think it's just going to take time. He seems so much happier. He said he had a bacon sandwich today which was a treat because he said he hadn't had one for a month. It's great that he's home - no one wants to be in hospital right now. It's bad enough at the best of times."