James and Ola Jordan worry for baby daughter Ella as rash hints at allergy 

The couple opened up about their week in their Strictly Parenting column 

James and Ola Jordan have been a little concerned about their daughter over the last few weeks thanks to a stubborn rash that wasn't going away, and grew worse over the last week. In their latest Strictly Parenting column for HELLO!, the pair open up about taking baby Ella to the doctors, and how they suspect she might have a milk intolerance... 


"She is a happy baby in general, but she's still got this reflux," Ola explains. "This week in particular, her rash got really bad." James adds: "She had dry skin to start with which looked like eczema but when she got these little spots everywhere, so it was really worrying. We used a cream prescribed to her by a doctor which actually made things worse, and now we've got a different cream and things are much better. 

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The new parents are concerned about Ella's rash

"She still has eczema which can be caused by milk intolerance, and also because she still has reflux, which can be caused by milk intolerance, the doctor has prescribed a different milk which is supposed to be better, it doesn't have the cow protein. It says it's for the dietary management of cows milk allergy." 

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While Ella's new milk diet will hopefully help her out, she isn't a fan of her new formula just yet. "Today is the first day we've tried it and she doesn't like it," Ola sighs. "The milk we used before was readymade, we've never used powder, and it's very rich and milky and nice. This one is watery and smells a bit. It's a bit more like breast milk though, I'd say." 

Ella is now four months old 

James agrees, adding: "Yeah, she didn't like it much. She did drink it all eventually because she was hungry. We're going to give it a go because if everything clears up she'll have to stay on it." 

The pair are hoping that if she is milk intolerant, it will eventually go, as Ola says: "I think babies do eventually grow of it, that's what I've heard." James continues: "I think in a different generation, people would have thought, 'Oh babies get rashes,' they wouldn't have thought maybe it's because they're intolerant of something." 

James took little Ella to the doctors

The former Dancing on Ice winner also explains that he eventually took Ella to the doctors so they could take a proper look at her. "Last time I spoke to the doctor, I explained the rash had gotten really bad," he says. "I was concerned and she said, 'Look, do you just want to come in?' So daddy took Ella to the doctors and that's when the GP said to change the cream and gave us a prescription for the milk. I feel reassured now that I've been to a doctors with her. I know it's difficult times but if everyone can go to the pubs then I can arrange for someone to see my baby if she's ill - sometimes you want someone who knows what they're talking about to physically have a look." 

Ola agrees, adding: "Sometimes on camera you can't appreciate how bad something looks in reality." 

The rash doesn't seem to be bothering Ella too much, as the proud parents shared an exclusive video of the tiny tot making adorable noises to herself for this week's column. "She's just making a lot of noises, strange ones," James laughs.

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WATCH: Baby Ella amuses herself with cute noises

"She sounds like a T-Rex. She's finding her voice I think. She's doing different things, getting your attention in different ways. She's finding her voice and trying to mimic what you do a little bit, and by trying to get your attention. If you make a certain noise, she'll respond to it. If you make a noise, she'll do one after you." 

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Ola continues: "It's very different from when she's hungry or in pain - maybe if she needs to burp - or tired. There are different noises for everything and we can just tell now. We can tell when she's tired, hungry, just trying to be loud, or trying to have a little chat with you."  

Ola out for a troll with little Ella

They also proudly opened up about the adorable floral baby grow she is wearing in the clip, with Ola explaining: "Her baby grow is from Next! It was a gift from our neighbours. Three different colours and that's what she wears to go to bed. When we first put it on her, it's so colourful and she's so used to being in plain colours because when I first bought stuff, I bought everything in white. When I first put that on her she was looking at her arms like, 'Oh my God, what is this?'" 

Baby Ella also went to hospital for an ultrasound this week

It has certainly been a busy week for Ella, who also took a trip to the hospital for a check-up on her hips. 

"We took Ella for a hip check," Ola explains. "We took her to the hospital where she was born for an ultrasound. It was given to her at birth. I struggle with my hips a lot and they said, 'Just as a precautionary measure, we'd like to check her hips.' I don't know if they saw something perhaps that made them worry, but they're the ones who recommended that she went for this ultrasound on her hips, just to check."

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James continues: "It's a thing called hip dysplasia and babies, particularly girls, can have that at birth and not know about it and suffer with their hips when they're older. My sister was told she probably had it as a young child, and when she was 40 she had a whole hip replacement. The doctor said that everything looks fine, so that's good, but again it's just peace of mind." 

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