James and Ola Jordan reveal baby Ella's first major milestone in exclusive video: watch!

Find out what the family have been up to in their latest column

James and Ola Jordan have an unhappy baby on their hands right now. Little Ella visited the doctor for another round of injections this week, and she wasn't pleased about it! "This is the worst out of three injections that she had," Ola explains in this week's Strictly Parenting column for HELLO!. "This one was by far the worst. One of them was for meningitis and that gives babies a temperature so she had a temperature this time." 

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James agrees, continuing: "She's been miserable, yesterday and today. She's at a point where she doesn't want to be put down at all. And also it's so hot, and I think she's just uncomfortable, you can see in her eyes she's just a bit ill. 

Baby Ella has had a busy week

"She's got big bruises on her legs, especially on the left side, from the injections - and this time it's quite swollen. She's definitely not the happiest bunny right now. She's with us now, she's a bit miserable. Aw her bottom lip is quivering, she's not happy!"  

Although Ella has had a rough couple of days, her parents were delighted when the tiny tot reached her first milestone earlier this week - and rolled over for the first time! Speaking about the sweet moment, which they captured on camera, James says: "In this video, she flips from the front to the back, then back again, doesn't she? She's been doing that for just over a week now and the video is the first time we saw it." 

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WATCH: James and Ola captured baby Ella's milestone moment on video

Ola was delighted about how exciting the moment was, saying: "I think, for me, it was the first proud mum moment when she rolled over. I was watching her like, 'Oh my God! My baby's on the move now,' which was quite sweet. I can imagine when she starts walking and doing different things like that as well, it'll be the same feeling." James adds: "We were both there! It was one of those moments when you feel proud. A big milestone." 

Speaking about her cute jungle gym, the pair reveal that it's Ella's favourite place to hang out and try her new skills. "She loves playing on the jungle gym and we've put loads of toys on it so she's really pulling at things and playing with things," James says. 

"I always put her on the gym instead of the bouncer, because in the bouncer she just gets bored and wants to get out. In a gym, she always tries to turn around and turns over and plays with this elephant which plays music when she kicks it. It's a bit more interesting for her!" 

Little Ella posing with her mum 

Speaking about Ella's next new toy, he adds: "We'll have to put her in the ball pit soon! We've got this thing where you put the sides up and put these big balls in there with her and she can play with them." 

While lockdown restrictions have started to lift, James and Ola have said that they're not planning on making any big changes to their situation yet. James explains: "We're going to my parents' garden and things like that, but we're really quite careful. We're not going to be rushing out and going shopping or anything like that. We're not going to be standing in any shopping queues, we're not that desperate to go shopping!" 

Baby Ella is growing up so fast

Ola laughs: "We've got plenty of clothes, we don't need any more! If there was no coronavirus, we'd be out everyday meeting in cafes and seeing friends and family but it's not a priority for us at the moment because no one knows what's going to happen. It's going to get worse before it gets better. We haven't seen much of James' mum and dad so that would be the priority." 

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So what else is new for baby Ella? Not only is she rolling over, but she's also started laughing, and it looks like her eyes are permanently turning brown! James says: "Her eyes are going browner like Ola's, like mummy! But she's definitely getting more of a personality. She gets angrier now when she's hungry, she laughed for the first time this week as well!" 

He continues: "It was so off the cuff, she just started laughing at me. I think I was laughing at her and she laughed back. So I laughed again and she laughed. So every time I laughed, she'd laugh. She's not laughing now though!" Ola adds: "She couldn't stop laughing for like five minutes so we were just standing there laughing at each other, so that was really nice."