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15 Best Harry Potter advent calendars for 2022: jewellery, Lego, figures and more

Muggles are in store for a truly magical countdown to Xmas with these spellbinding advent calendars

If you're a big fan of a certain boy wizard with a distinctive lightning-shaped scar on his forehead – or you know a Muggle who is – then you've come to the right place!

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There are so many Harry Potter advent calendars out this year to make the countdown to Christmas a particularly magical one – and we've been busy taking a look at the best ones.

There's something for kids of all ages – including the grown-up ones! You can choose between calendars featuring stationery, figures, Lego and even jewellery from the world of Hogwarts – if only we had the witchcraft and wizardry school's famous Sorting Hat to help us choose! Don't take too long to get yours ordered as they usually sell out fast...

Primark Harry Potter wooden LED knight bus calendar, £20, Amazon


What do you get? This Harry Potter advent calendar is empty, you fill it with 24 treats of your choice. It's reusable though, so you can wheel it out year after year. The front windows of the bus light up, as do the headlights. It's adorable!

Why do we love it? Primark's annual Harry Potter calendar is one of the most covetable for Potterheads - and this year's knight bus-themed one is sure to join past years as being a collector's item, which trades hands for well over the market value on eBay for years to come. There are some available on Amazon this year - but they're selling like hotcakes, so don't wait if you want one!

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Harry Potter Cube Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar, £36.99, Amazon


What do you get? 24 Harry Potter gifts including cute hair accessories, cosy socks, a badge, shoelaces, keyring, pin badge, charms bracelet, stickers, an invisible ink pen, two magic wand pens, a fountain pain and fun stationery. 

Why do we love it? The hair accessories can instantly transform you into a Gryffindor girl (it is OK for adults to wear these too, right? Asking for a friend.) And the working fountain pen will surely inspire you to write down some spells in perfect calligraphy. This one ships on October 26 but it's a limited edition so order now to avoid disappointment.

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Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar, £29.99, LEGO


What do you get? The 334 pieces in the calendar make up a selection toys - with every three toys creating an iconic scene from each Harry Potter film. 

Why do we love it? Build seven figurines of your favourite characters including Harry Potter, Sirius Black and more.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Advent Calendar, £23, Lost Universe


What do you get? 24 spellbinding pieces of stationery, including pencils, erasers, a notepad, a special magic wand pen and much more. 

Why do we love it? The goodies inside of course! There are so many different stationery gifts just waiting to be discovered. 

Harry Potter Magical Infinity Calendar, £34.99, Amazon


What do you get? 24 cute surprises including plushies, badges, stickers, keyrings from the world of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts.

Why do we love it? The plushies are so cute and this one looks so nice you won't want to throw it away when you're finished opening it (in fact, you don't need to – keep it and use it as a storage box for small toys or other small items. It also caters for fans of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them too. 

Paladone Harry Potter advent calendar, £49.99, Amazon


What do you get? 24 Harry Potter surprises including pin badges, character backpack buddies, wand backpack buddies, and a wonderful snow globe

Why do we love it? The surprises are really good quality - the backpack buddies are super cute and hello - a Harry Potter snow globe, what could be better than that?

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Harry Potter Advent Calendar, £32.50, Amazon


What do you get? 24 Harry Potter figures and charms. 

Why do we love it? The perfect advent calendar for children aged 5+, 16 of the 24 charms included are exclusive, meaning that the Harry Potter fan in your life can build up a pretty impressive collection! 

Harry Potter Hogwarts Advent Calendar, was £35, now £12, Lost Universe


What do you get? 24 great Harry Potter surprises, including a pin, ring stand holder, paper clips, memo block, plush keychain, mini chocolate frog card, memo pad, eraser, puzzle, mylar balloon, golden sticker, stamper, washi tape, keychain, magnet, drawstring pouch, card holder, glow in the dark sticker, socks, and pieces of stationery, including pencils, erasers, a notepad, a special magic wand pen and much more. 

Why do we love it? There's so much variety in this calendar, you get a bit of everything. And the Dobby plush keychain is just adorable!. 

LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar, LEGO


What do you get? Several mini-figures with 24 buildable surprises and 24 secret compartments. 

Why do we love it? There's more to this advent calendar than meets the eye! Once you've opened each of the 24 windows, you'll have all the pieces needed to set up your very own Harry Potter board game. 

Funko Pocket Pop Harry Potter Advent Calendar, £44.95/$63, Amazon


What do you get? 24 different Funko Pocket Pop vinyl figures including Harry, Hermione, Ron, Dobby and more

Why do we love it? You get incredible value for money considering that each individual Funko Pocket Pop figure sells for around £10. 

Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar, £27.49/$36.98, Amazon


What do you get? 24 lovely Lego treats including mini-figures of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley and buildable models of Hogwarts furniture. 

Why we love it? Being Lego, it's creative and will keep kids occupied as they follow the instructions to make the model. By Christmas eve they have all the bits for a full-scale Hogwarts Yule Ball – magical!

Harry Potter Charm Bracelet Advent Calendar, £7.99, Amazon


What do you get? 24 Harry Potter jewellery surprises - five ballchain silicone keychains, five silicone wristbands, nine printed stickers and five plastic badges

Why do we love it? At £13.99 this advent calendar offers great value. If you want a spellbinding countdown to Christmas on a budget, this is the one!

Harry Potter stationery advent calendar, £34.99, Amazon


What do you get? 24 Harry Potter stationery surprises including pens, pencils and colouring sheets

Why do we love it? This is a good one for younger Potter fans - or anyone on the hunt for some boy wizard-themed stationery.

Hedwig advent calendar, £59, Lost Universe


What do you get? 24 products from the official Harry Potter jewellery and accessories range. 

Why do we love it? It's not just the contents of the advent calendar that we love, the tin will also make the ultimate keepsake for Harry Potter fans. 

Harry Potter 12-day Sock Advent Calendar, £35, Lost Universe


What do you get? This one will take you halfway through December. So you get seven pairs of trainer socks and five pairs of full-length socks, each with a different Harry Potter design. To suit UK size 4-8 (EU 36-41)

Why do we love it? Come on - Harry Potter socks, what's not to love? This is the perfect Harry Potter advent calendar for grown-ups and kids alike - everyone needs socks, after all! 

Harry Potter Advent Calendar, £40, Boots 


What do you get? One for all the beauty-lovers out there, this Hedwig advent calendar is filled with 24 gifts such as house fragrances, body washes, bath bombs and more. 

Why do we love it? The pampering treats include a Golden Snitch bath fizzer and a Hedwig hairband – what's not to love!

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