Gordon Ramsay's fans react to photo of son Oscar crying

The Hell's Kitchen star posed for a snap with his youngest son

Something has clearly upset Gordon Ramsay's youngest son Oscar! The little boy was in the middle of a tantrum in a new photo the celebrity chef shared to Instagram – and he even mimicked his son's outrage by pulling the same disgruntled face.

"The face you make when you’re on Lockdown No 3 @oscarjramsay," Gordon captioned the snap, which quickly prompted fans to add their own theories of why the pair looked so upset.

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"When there’s no lamb sauce," one witty fan wrote, and another jokingly added: "When you ate food from a bad restaurant."

A third remarked: "When you have to react to a guy cooking meat with chocolate for the seventh time."

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Others, meanwhile, were shocked to see the family resemblance – which we're sure wasn't helped by the matching expressions!

"This is all of us right now. You are literally twins," commented one follower, while a second wrote: "That's scary, different ages, same faces lol."

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The Hell's Kitchen star and his wife Tana are doting parents to Megan, 23, twins Holly and Jack, 21, Tilly, 19, and little Oscar. 

The celebrity chef pulled the same disgruntled face as his son!

Gordon, who has a famously fiery personality, recently revealed that his youngest child is the one person in the world that can put him in his place!

During his appearance on The Drew Barrymore show, Gordon brought his 20-month-old son Oscar into the shot and said: "Drew, this is the one man that puts me in my place."

Tana Ramsay also opened up to HELLO! about lockdown life in the Ramsay family home. She said of young Oscar: "Well, he definitely has a strong character, let's put it that way! He's hilarious. It's a blessing to us all.

"He's just figured out how he can play one off against the other and that's not just Gordon off against me – that's everyone. So if someone says 'no', he literally moves onto the next and tries to get his way with them."

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