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Gemma Atkinson expresses worry about daughter Mia's 'dramatic' food habits

Gorka Marquez's toddler is causing her mum to fret

Gemma Atkinson being drawn on by her daughter Mia
Melanie Macleod
Wellness Editor
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Strictly stars Gemma Atkinson and Gorka Marquez are two of the fittest and healthiest celebrities out there, so it came as a surprise to fans when Gemma took to Instagram on Thursday to share that she's worried about her daughter Mia's eating habits.

Mia, four, started school in September 2023, and since she's been opting for less healthy snacks, despite Gemma pleading with her daughter to eat more vegetables.

Watch the clip below to see Gemma's relatable worry…

WATCH: Gemma Atkison shares worries for daughter Mia

The Hollyoaks actress began by sharing that before Mia started school, her favourite meal was fresh prawns, avocado and rice, adding: "She'd eat any kind of fruit. And now she's at school, she has school dinners and she gets to pick what she wants, whereas at toddlers and preschool, everything was fresh.

"At school, she gets to pick and she's picking a ham roll every day," Gemma continued that she pleads with her daughter to pick vegetables, but worries as she's not there to oversee Mia's choices, explaining: "I'm trying now to put some excitement back into her meals."

The actress captioned the video asking her followers: "Anyone else's child's food change dramatically when they were old enough to choose?

"She's gone from everything that we cooked to utter beige food, which at the weekends I'm all for, but I'm adamant she has proper nutrition in the week."

Gorka Marquez and his daughter Mia© Instagram
Gorka Marquez and his daughter Mia

Gemma's followers were quick to reassure her that Mia's love of beige food is completely normally, with Gemma writing on Instagram: "Every single message I've received is saying your child is the same and either went through or is currently going through a 'beige phase,'

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"PHEW! I mean I get it, sometimes all I want is toast and digestives. Nice to know most parents experience it though, so don't worry if you're going through it."

It's not just Mia who's going through a phase, though, as Gemma and Gorka's baby son Thiago is growing up fast too and is currently teething.

A black-and-white photo of a young girl and baby boy© Instagram
Baby Thiago is teething!

"Teething rash in full swing," Gemma wrote, adding that Thiago's teeth coming through isn’t impacting his sleep, but teething does bother him between three and seven in the morning. "He gets frustrated and shoves all his toys into his gums," she shared.

We love how open Gemma is about the struggles she has with her children; we bet her candid comments help lots of other parents feel less alone!

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