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Gordon Ramsay's genius advice that motivates his ‘super-disciplined’ children

The Hell’s Kitchen chef shares six children with his wife Tana Ramsay

Tana Ramsay and Gordon Ramsay attend the GQ Food & Drink Awards 2023
Sophie Hamilton
Parenting Editor
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Father-of-six Gordon Ramsay has revealed exactly how he motivates his children to stay grounded with money and focus on their chosen career paths.

Speaking on the Last Meals show, hosted by US chef Josh Scherer, the world-renowned chef made some rare comments about his family life with his wife Tana, with whom he shares Megan, 25, twins Holly and Jack, 23, Tilly, 22, Oscar, four, and baby Jesse.

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Gordon said: I've got six amazing kids and I’m incredibly lucky. All I've taught our children is find your passion, find your way. It’s got nothing to do with fame, fortune, money.

“They all work. Meg, our eldest, is an amazing police officer, Jack is in the Royal Marines so he is dedicating his life to the Marines, Tilly’s at university, Holly’s into fashion, Oscar’s playing havoc in his nativity play.”

gordon and tana with four of their five children© David M. Benett
Megan, Gordon, Matilda, Tana, Holly and Jack Ramsay at the BAFTA Children's Awards

Gordon explained that his children do not fly in business or first-class seats like himself and Tana on flights, instead sitting them in economy.

He revealed: “I'd always say to them, ‘Think what you could do with the money when you get there. We’re all getting on together, we're all getting off, and if you think we’re paying, you know, $10,000 for a business class ticket because you’re a Ramsay, forget it. Turn right.'"

Tana Ramsay looked radiant beside her husband and two youngest sons© Instagram
Tana Ramsay with her husband Gordon and their two youngest sons

The Hell's Kitchen star went on to divulge his children’s allowance system at home: “Every time they got their allowance every month - a couple of hundred dollars - if they saved that up across the 12-month period, I would match that at Christmas for them. And they’ve got to stay true to their form by saving every dollar.

"So when you start that practice at 10, 11, 12, 13… they’ve got their part time jobs… all of a sudden their minds are focused about their career paths."

He said proudly: "They are super-disciplined and they are on it man."

Gordon Ramsay and wife Tana © Getty
Gordon Ramsay and wife Tana

Elsewhere in the interview, Gordon explained that the one thing he always tells his kids is: "The sooner you tell me, the more I can do to help," and that mistakes are ok, but they need to learn from them.

As for young Oscar, his nativity scene was somewhat interrupted when he saw his family in the audience, bless him.

Gordon continued: "He had two words to say in his play and he ballsed them up because he spotted his mum [in the crowd], and obviously Jesse is just a few months old."

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